Finally My kitchen reveal! Thank you, GWers!

Kitten1313January 4, 2014

Side vent: It has taken me most of the afternoon to figure out this picture posting thing, and then once I got them almost all copied, my computer crashed before I could post.

The kitchen is done except for the floors needing to be stained. I am in love and am excited to share these pictures with all of you, who have helped so much. If you want any detailed information, just let me know! :)

Before (we converted our old garage into our new kitchen):

Full shot

Back wall


Sink close up

Pocket door pantry

Fridge and appliance garage

Prep sink/micro drawer

Chalkboard wall

Thanks for looking!

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This is one of the most gorgeous kitchens ever. There are so many delicious details to feast the eyes on -- IâÂÂve already gone back for a second look and will probably be going back for thirds! Wow! The combination of materials youâÂÂve used could not be more perfect, from the backslashes, cabinets, light fixtures and even floors (are you sure you want to finish them??? TheyâÂÂre gorgeous as is!). I do hope youâÂÂll come back and share more details later in the thread -- would love to know the who (manufacturers, styles, colors), and whatâÂÂs (detailsâ¦) of what youâÂÂve done. Enjoy! YouâÂÂve created a stunning work of art, that looks as functional as it is beautiful! Congrats!

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Your kitchen is amazing! Details on the cabinets? What type and brand?

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Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I will post details as soon as I'm done whipping up dinner for the kiddies. A true pleasure in my new cooking environment.

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Oh..... my........
What a stunning kitchen!
You must be so thrilled :)
Details please...

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I love the wood on your cabinets! Great job. Congratulations!

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What a beautifully warm and inviting room! Love the cabinets...what kind of wood? And love the brick backsplash. What a wonderful transformation of the space!

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Your kitchen is so warm & beautiful! I'm more of a painted cabinet person, but you just sold me on the wood look! You did it perfectly. I love the color of your island & table. Great job! Congratulations!

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Very cool. Like the wood grain and I usually don't like grain. Think the pocket panty door is awesome with the glass in it. Does not look like it was a garage Enjoy your kitchen!

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Now that I got the hang of the photo thing, a few more:


My beloved vitamix and new coffee maker with water line. Going to try to squeeze a Breville in there.

Family room (open to the kitchen now) fireplace, brick inspiration for backsplash

Copper 1x1 tiles scattered in backsplash (for our family's New Orleans heritage)

Dishes in a drawer?!?! Thank you, GW!!

Close up Cesarstone Dreamy Marfil

Finished family room floor next to unfinished kitchen floor (yes the floors are beat up)

View into family room from kitchen

Thanks for indulging the overload

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Wonderfully executed! Looking forward to details.... : )

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Details (let me know if I forget anything)

Cabinets: Custom. Alder wood, custom stain and glaze, hand distressed.

Island: Custom. Alder wood, green paint with brown glaze, hand distressed

Countertop: Cesarstone Dreamy Marfil

Floor: Pine

Hardware: I can't think of it offhand, but it was inexpensive, like $7/each. (Except the fridge handles...)

Main sink: 30 inch Shaws farmhouse in biscuit

Main faucet: Rohl Cinquanta extended faucet in brushed nickel

Prep sink: Franke ss

Prep faucet: Moen Branford (?) pull down

Rohl air switches

Insinkerator 1 hp continuous feed garbage disposals

SZ 48 inch side by side

GE Monogram 6 burner DF range

KA warming drawer

Sharp microwave drawer

Bosch 600 series dishwasher

(yes, every single appliance is a different mftr)

Brick backsplash is Thomas Brick thin brick Smokestack

Copper accent tiles I can't remember but they are 1x1

Subway tile is Sonoma Tile crackled alabaster I think

Let me know if I missed something you are interested in

Table top: Custom. Reclaimed barn wood from local barn.

Chairs: Arhaus furniture

Light fixture: Restoration Hardware

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Wow, that's an amazing redo from garage to kitchen. Can I ask how did you handle the garage door wall?
That pantry is wonderful, love the pocket door idea. So many beautiful elements all work together wonderfully. And Dreamy Marfil! How do you like it? It's still on my short list.

What did you do with your original kitchen?

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WOW, your kitchen is absolutley fabulous, you must be thrilled with it. You have done an amazing job of co-ordinating and putting it altogether. So many great ideas. Enjoy!!!!!!!

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It looks wonderful! I love the brick backsplash and how it relates to the fireplace :)

Where's the family room in relation to the kitchen? On the wall opposite the prep sink?

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Love the brick, the natural wood, and the spaciousness. Looks like a real cook's kitchen! Hope you are loving it!

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Wonderful kitchen, so spacious and yet so cozy. I can't see the picture where it opens to the family room; can you describe the connection? Often garages are a step or two down, was yours? What did you do with the garage door wall? I LOVE the sliding door!

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What a nice surprise, to open your post & see your kitchen. I keep scrolling back to look at more details. I'd love to see even more pictures. The alder the grain & color. Wow, it's just beautiful!

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Lovely kitchen!!!!
Can I ask where the drawer dividers are from?

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An amazing transformation. And so wonderfully custom, not like every other kitchen you see on Houzz. You've done a beautiful job.
Love the water right to the coffee maker, Brilliant!

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Seriously one of my favorite kitchens. WOW! Just incredible. I can't believe that was a garage!! Was the brick backsplash hard to install? Is it actual thin pieces of brick that were installed with mortar? Way cool - every element just fits together seamlessly. I can't get over it!

(And the beat-up floors are gorgeous - Don't patch them when you finish them!)

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What a truly beautiful transformation! Sooo many things to love about it. Really a very nice conversion.

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Wow - it's hard to believe that was actually a garage!!! It appears that you look out to the family room from the island. Was that the location of the former garage door or did you flip the kitchen from how you look into the garage in the first photo? What did you do to the old kitchen - expand another living area? Just's such an amazing transformation.

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Deedles, so far I love the dreamy marfil! I must add the caveat that I am not one to baby my counters and I am not bothered by nicks and imperfections that come with use.

Our original kitchen is in the process of being converted to a mud room/laundry room. This is what it looked like and don't be fooled by the fish eye lens. You are looking at the counterspace in its entirety. You couldn't open the dishwasher without scraping the oven handle. It was misery to cook in. and p.s. I grabbed this picture from when it was on the market. I did not look like this when I was using it! lol

Lavender and bpathome, the family room is directly across from the main sink island. I think you can see the FR windows in one of the pictures. So the original garage door became the brick backsplash/range wall, and the far wall of the garage was removed, thus opening up to the FR. Yes, the kitchen and the family room (which was a previous-owner addition) are a step down from the rest of the house. Kitchen and FR are on the same level.

Kmgard, the brick is actual brick, called thin brick. So it's not thick, it's just a brick that's been cut down into thin slices. My contractor said it was very simple to install, using regular mortar.

Bosma, I think the dividers were custom. If not, they are Rev-a-shelf.

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Kitten, you must be thrilled! Your kitchen is absolutely charming. The water line by the coffee maker is genius. We have a Keurig and I am constantly refilling it from the fridge water dispenser.

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Beautiful, thank you for sharing. Especially love the brick and pocket door pantry.

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What?! I can't believe it was garage. Talk about inspiration. It's all very wonderful.

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Very nice!

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LOVE IT!! love it-love it! The only thing I'd change is to move it into my empty shell of a kitchen space ;)

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Congratulations on a great kitchen! One of my favorite features is the table/island. Enjoy!!!

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Oh my gosh - gorgeous!!! I am a white kitchen gal.....but I am in love! The cabinets, the light fixture, the backsplash and the list goes on. Congrats and enjoy your masterpiece.

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Oh my, that is gorgeous! It looks so functional, and like it has always been there. Great job!

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robo (z6a)

This is a stunning kitchen, unusual and beautifully done! What a great conversion. You must be loving it!! Mind sharing some detail about your mudroom plans for your old kitchen? I only ask b/c I'm just about to be doing a similar project -- moving kitchen and converting old to a mudroom.

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Great idea converting the garage into a new kitchen. We were house hunting with grandson and so many places converted the garage to an extra bedroom and it just bastardized the layout of the house. You certainly thought outside the box and it worked. Well done.

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I love it! The brick, the wood grain, everything! It feels like it has some history to it, even though it is new.

I've been trying to plan storage for my vitamix in my new kitchen, thinking it would need an extra tall space, but I might copy your method, and store it with the container next to, rather than on, the base, inside of an appliance garage.

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The kitchen is really really beautiful. I admit that I am not usually a wood cabinet gal but your kitchen is such a stunning project that you have definitely made a believer out of me. I love the special pantry door. The design of it is masterful and amazingly perfect! Love it.

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Thank you so much everybody!

Robotropolis - our contractor is building us 4 lockers in the mud room. There will be a door from the garage to the mud room. The laundry is also being moved up from the basement. Hoping to keep all the shoes boots cleats coats etc confined to this space.

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