Bathroom Lighting Wrong

LesliePJanuary 20, 2011

I recently had my bathroom painted "tan", when I returned home the paint looked very gold. I have clear round glass bulbs in there. I took the paint chip and in the kitchen it looks tan, but in the bathroom its gold. What kind of light bulbs should I try, I'm sure its the lighting changing the color of the paint.

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What kind of lighting is in the kitchen?

The 'color' of the light used can greatly effect the color perception.

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I spent weeks looking at color swatches for most of the rooms in our house. I picked a caramel/palomino color. Somehow I missed that it turns pink when exposed to the right kind of artificial light. This is especially evident in my laundry room. I got some bulbs in the coolest spectrum I could find. The room feels pretty sterile (even when it's dirty!) but the pink is gone.

If you're getting gold, I'd try cooling the spectrum down a wee bit.

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I'd try cooling the spectrum down a wee bit.

That is (confusingly), look for a bulb with a *higher* color temperature. I'd try something around 5600K, which is close to daylight. You'll need to get this in a compact fluorescent.

If that's too bluish, try 3600K or 4200K. Be sure the CRI rating is at least 80.

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