Angle of kitchen track lighting? help with beams...

baltimore_hyggeJanuary 5, 2014

Hi lighting forum,

We have a 16x16 kitchen we are remodeling, and we are keeping the horizontal beams and trusses that are spaced four feet apart (see drawing: Each beams runs up the roof to the ridge (there is no exposed ridge beam). There is an 8' truss on each beam. This truss is 10' above our kitchen floor.

DH would like to have a ceiling fan, which would be mounted on the middle truss. His favorite fan (the Aeratron) does not have a light, but it would be centered over our kitchen work table.

My main question is: does kitchen track lighting (task lighting) need to be angled directly downward, and (or) what is the most angle that should be used? I'm not sure where/how we will install the lights, but it seems that mounting the track to the trusses is a common solution. In the drawing I have put in some small circles to indicate fixtures but am not at all sure a) what is needed or b) if the angles would cast shadow on people working/chopping/washing dishes/cooking.

We have an existing pendant over the small table in the corner which we will probably keep (updating the fixture). The other existing fixtures are two pendants, hanging from the ridgeline on either side of the middle beam (where they would be hit by the Aeratron blades, if we kept them).

Any pointers or "principles of angled track lighting in the kitchen" would be most helpful! Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sketch of beams in the kitchen plan

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shouldn't they be angled directly toward your work surfaces?

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