LED recessed lights and sloped ceiling

wws944January 5, 2011

We have 13 recessed 6" Halo cans on sloped ceilings (eight in one room, and 5 in another.) The bulbs are tilted so that they point straight down. The slope, at least on the one I measured, is fairly shallow - about 9 degrees. These are 'high use' rooms, so it would be nice to retrofit the 75 watt bulbs with something like the CR6. But since the angle in the CR6 is not adjustable, I worry about shadows and such. Is there a rule of thumb of how much of a slope one can get away with before this becomes a problem? Is anyone coming out with a CR6-like retrofit that tilts?

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The cans are something like a Halo H47ICT. I have no access to them from above, so can not replace the whole can. Am probably just going to use some sort of R40-size replacement in the existing trim.

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I am looking to do this as well, but with a new construction home. I have contacted several companies and am waiting to hear the solutions given. I have several Ecosmart LED bulbs from Home Depot ($25 each) that work great, but with the built in trim ring, they wont work on the recessed angled housings. I am thinking of installing regular housings and using the Ecosmart units, but am waiting to hear if that is OK to do (not sure if the bulbs can or should be used on an installed angle).

Conversely, I found these replacement bulbs ( http://www.lightingever.com/9w-par20-led-bulb-track-lighting.html ) and I thought that they may work well in the specified angled housings. Again, waiting to hear back from them.

To solve YOUR issue, if you can swap out the housings (I know you said there is no access) with the "retrofit" units you may be fine. If not, then I suggest using the bulbs from the link I posted, since they seem to be designed to fit inside of a traditional housing with trim, they SHOULD fit into an angled housing (I am trying to verify this).

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Since you are doing new construction, you might check out something like the Juno IC926LED6 series can for your sloped ceilings.

In the year since my original post, I have installed a bunch of the Ecosmart/Cree CR6s in most of my normal cans around the house. The CR6 is a great product. But for the sloped ceiling cans, I would need some sort of gimbaled version. At this point, when prices come down another notch or two, I will probably just use a BR40 or PAR38 replacement.

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Ooooo. Those look nice, and there seems to be a few different choices on color temp and lumens. Nice product. I will have to think about it though, since the prices seem steep.

Any suggestions on where to look for the BR40 or PAR38 you mention? I heard back from Cree, and they sent a list of approved housings, and also told me that I could pick a different one, and they would check with the engineers for compatibility. I was very happy to hear that!

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Check out the (new?) Cree LE6 for sloped ceilings or wall washing - adjustable 10 to 30 degrees, 2700K or 3500K.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cree LE6

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