General Wash Temps on Samsung wf220

amsunshineSeptember 29, 2010

Hi all:

I've done a few loads of laundry and wanted to post a few general findings I've made about the wash temps on the wf220.

First, I now have my water heater set at 130. I run my laundry sink tap next to the machine until it runs hot before I do a load. (I save most of the initial water for watering plants...)

OK -- the heavy duty "hot/cold" cycle on normal soil level yields a final temp of about 110 degrees. For me, this is the cycle I would use for a "warm" wash, which is most of my laundry.

The sanitary cycle states it gets to 150 degrees. I couldn't verify the exact temp because it locks the user out after a certain temp is reached, but I can say that I got a temp of about 125 before it locked me out, the tub was steamy and the glass door was very warm to hot to the touch when I was locked out. Also, this cycle is NSF certified, so I'm assuming 150 is accurate. This will be my "hot" cycle (whites, linens, etc.)

Every other "warm" cycle I've tried so far (Normal, perm press, heavy duty) has been pretty dismal. Only the heavy duty "warm" cycle even uses the hot water tap (for a short time) to help fill the tub. Perm Press and Normal "warm" cycles were tap cold only, with no apparent heater activation. Heavy duty "warm" was a little warmer, as it had some hot tap fill. I was able to measure a temp of about 83-84 degrees on that cycle (it didn't quite get to 85). This would be what I would use for my "cold" washes.

Haven't been able to try out quick cycle yet. On my previous wf210, which I returned, I was able to verify that quick cycle on that machine used higher temps than the other cycles. When I get a chance to use it on this new machine, I'll post my results.

Hope this helps someone looking at the Samsung front loader washers!

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Good on ya. You now know more about your machine than 99% of other owners know about theirs. I admire your efforts in finding out about all of this for your own -- and others' -- benefit.

Annoying that you -- or any of us -- should have to do it on our own, however. I remain resentful that such basic information is still purposefully withheld by the mfgrs.

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Yes, the mystery surrounding these wash temperatures is beyond annoying. It's scary to think there are people out there who have washers like this and (rightfully so) trust that when they push the "hot" or "warm" button, they are getting what they asked for (but they are not).

I'm relieved that I now know I can work around the programming of my machine.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the normal "hot/cold" cycle also uses a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio hot to cold tap fill. This yields a temp in my machine of about 85 degrees F. This cycle would also be appropriate for cold washes. :-)

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That's a shame about 110 for Heavy Duty. The 130 my Duet achieves with the heater is great. What a difference! Don't know exactly what your budget is, or if you are near a Costco warehouse, but some Costco warehouses have the Duet 9400 for $899 minus $200 mfg rebate, so $699, through 9/30. (You can check to find which warehouses offer the rebate.)

Try turning off the cold intake when selecting "hot" as the temp, like I did and described in your other thread. If this works, and it probably will, at least you know you can get 130-degree water going into the machine whenever you select "hot." Don't forget to turn the cold intake back on after the wash fill is complete.

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"I'm relieved that I now know I can work around the programming of my machine."

As I've said, I've been VERY pleased with the performance of my Duet 9400 for the last five years. However, I, too, had to learn on my own what the actual temperatures in the various cycles actually were and, like you, sort of "work around" what the manual and dials said so that I KNEW what was actually going on in each cycle. Repeat: VERY annoying, then as now.

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