Surface Mount Fixtures cfl/led etc questions

chas045January 8, 2014

OK, I'm a COSTCO member And I'm cheap. I have replaced most of our bulbs with cfl's. I hadn't noticed that leds at COSTCO were down to $7 like bigger noted, but in any case, that isn't anywhere near a dollar or so for some discounted cfls. We wanted to replace three or four hall fixtures that are ugly and wearing out. The wife brought home some basic flush mount units with gu24 mounts that were completely new to me until I read some of the threads here. I don't think that I understand all the points presented in these posts. Before I began reading, I was seriously concerned because 1: I wouldn't be able to use my screw cfls and 2: the new costs of the gu24s seemed higher than regular priced cfls.

After reading, I am confused anyway. First, is the only reason for the gu24 existence to be incompatible with the screw in; or does it also save a little space in these small spaces? Does it handle heat better? If led prices continue to decrease rapidly, then I would be happy to buy them. In the case of my hallway fixtures, does it seem reasonable to wait until prices drop and get the lamp that is a fixture as well? I understood the point about better light distribution.

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gu24 exists only to make sure you don't put incandescent lamps in the luminaires.

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