Which Speed Queen?

drnlsSeptember 25, 2011

I have settled on a new SQ TL washer and studied the differences. I would like to know for basic washing will the 412 was just as well as the 542. The store that is an hour away has the 311 and 412 in stock but would have to order the 2 upper models. Family of 4 with no heavily soiled clothing. Wash 4-8 loads per week. Thanks, Nelson

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Build wise they will be exactly the same. The 542 will have the speed switch and a 2nd rinse switch.

For me, if the price is close I would get the 542 BUT if you need it soon I would go for the 412. The 412 has everything on it that I myself would use but I will say I would like the 2nd rinse button so when I wanted an extra rinse I wouldnt have to turn it back to re-rinse.JMO

Washing ability should be the same with either of those. The 542 might have more sound proofing, but I am not sure of this. EMail Alliance and ask them if there are any big differences between the two but I am sure there isnt.

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Thanks - doesn't appear to be any major differences other than breaking the cycles down more individually and having control over spin speed with the fabric selector dial. Thanks, Nelson

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Report back when you get one and tell us how you like it.

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