Christmas Tree Mini-lite Troubleshooting

ronakaJanuary 7, 2010

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but we have a Costco 750 light pre-lit tree, about 5 years old or so. It hit the wall this year. One black string after another. I spend hours pulling and replacing bulbs, and am now much shorter of hair on my head.

Didn't know about this LightKeeper Pro gadget until after I gave up. Any comments on whether it really works? See this link:

I understand the problem; series lights, when one burns it should shut, but that increases voltage on the rest, and they burn out faster. Then finally one fails to shunt and the whole string goes black.

What should I do for next year?

1. Get LightKeeper Pro and replace one bulb at a time?

2. Try and find some bulk bulbs, and replace them all? Currently I'm paying 20 cents each, and it would be cheaper to buy a whole new tree at that cost.

3. Try and find LED retrofit mini-lights? Do they exist?

4. Buy a whole new prelit LED tree

Any and all suggestions appreciated.

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