New Washer -- What's closest to a Miele?

beastySeptember 26, 2013

Hi all,

I need a new washer, and though I would love to buy a Miele, I need a somewhat larger capacity than the european standard size (models 30xx instead of 4xxx) that Miele now exclusively offers in the US market. Specifically, I need to be able to fit a fairly plush king sized mattress pad in my washer. The mattress pad is not as big as a king down comforter, but it is bigger than a duvet cover. About the size of a king down blanket, I would guess.

We are a family of 5 (3 adults, 2 kids), so we do produce a decent amount of laundry but I'm not too concerned about huge loads otherwise, because we sort by color, etc. I would really like something with good build quality to minimize the chance that I'll have to replace it again 5 years from now. Obviously I would like something that does a good job on getting things clean and stains out (still trying to break kids of using shirts as napkins, grr...) but doesn't shred our clothes. A good delicate cycle would be a bonus so I could do less handwashing of woolens and such.

We are about to renovate and put in a new laundry room so I should be able to design to whatever washer I want. The new laundry room is likely to be close to bedrooms so I would prefer not so noisy but I don't need whisper quiet (we are not very noise sensitive but I still don't want a spin cycle that sounds like a jet engine).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would love a Miele but I don't want to have to go to a laundromat to do my bedding wash on a weekly basis.

Thanks in advance!

FWIW, here is a link the mattress pad I'm talking about:

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Good news for you. I do believe that the linked mattress pad will fit in the US Miele versions. I have a Euro version that looks small, but I have no issues. I have a queen sized mattress pad similar to yours. Mine fits in my washer just fine. It is also mostly polyester, which means it does not absorb that much water, so weight should not be an issue either. I am not sure what the cubic feet are on the US Mieles. That would give a better clue as to capacity. How are you washing this mattress pad, currently?

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Thank you!

As far as I can tell, the cubic feet on the US Mieles range from 2 to 2.5 or so. Right now I'm washing the mattress pad in our six year old, 27 inch Whirlpool Duet, which is in its death throes. I suspect people walking by on the sidewalk one floor below can hear it when it starts a spin cycle.

But the Duet drum does look quite a bit bigger than the Miele ones, which is why I am concerned.

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Future MIL has a Miele and I must say the capacity leaves a lot to be desired. She can't do much bedding in hers.

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First of all, don't buy a washing machine just to accommodate a mattress pad. In a pinch you can wash it at a commercial laundromat.
I have the Miele machine for you, I think, provided you don't mind paying premium: It's from the Professional Series by Miele. Known as "Little Giant", it sells for a little over $4,000 for the ss version; less if you buy the machine in white. Capacity is 15 lbs. I am sure you can wash your mattress pad in this machine.
The drawback, aside from the higher initial cost is that you need 30 ams 240/208V. But since you are setting up your laundry room you can do that without additional cost down the road.
Let us know what you decide.

P.S. There is no machine that comes even close to Miele in performance. I am not referring to the huge Miele machines designed for the American market and now discontinued. I am talking about the workhorse of the washing machine: the small Miele machine, like the one I have.

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I just re-read your message and discovered -- did I understand correctly? -- that you are washing the pad weekly? It is covered by a sheet, so does it require such frequent washing?

Unless you buy one of the huge American or Far East made machines, the residential Miele machines (not the ones made for the American market and now discontinued) are just not designed to accommodate a king-size pad. There are times when I am tempted to add something too large for the machine, but mine is almost nineteen years old; I'd hate to break it. No more 220V machines available unless you buy professional.

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I don't know where anyone gets the idea that a king mattress pad can't be washed in a regular Euro Miele.

I did one of mine last Thursday. I've also washed a quilted king bedspread in there and king blankets. Also a king quilted duvet.

I wash a full king sheet set with four pillow cases every week.

I've got the linen slipcover from an 83-inch sofa in there right now.

I'm mystified.

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My Miele Novotronic 1986 has a silk cycle. I use it to wash my vintage silk scarves and anything silk, including silk sheets. The wool cycle I use for my sweaters. There is no other machine that has a silk cycle!

As far as I am concerned the old Miele (and I am sure their professional line) offers "fabric care: as opposed to "fabric tear" found in other makers.

As an aside, in current front loaders mold and stinky laundry smells seem to be a big problem. Not in my Miele. Never, ever.
The reason for the mold/smell could be one or all of what's mentioned below:
Drum is not made of stainless steel but plastic.
Machines no longer have real hot (90C+) wash cycles.
Liquid detergents

It's insane that one should have to add "conditioner" to the machine so the laundry does not come out smelling foul. I use Miele laundry products along with Persil for white garments. My clothes come out smelling fresh.

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Thanks, everyone! I do wash my mattress pad very frequently -- sometimes weekly but more often once every two weeks. I am happy to hear that quilted king items fit in the Miele. Now I think I have to bundle up my largest item and trundle off to someplace with a Miele on display. Will let you know how it goes.

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Just an update to let people know I've decided to order the Miele 3037. I brought an old king size down blanket over to the store and I was surprised at how much room was left in the drum once I put it in there. Granted, it's a thin down blanket because it's been washed repeatedly and lost some of its down, but it only took up maybe half the drum. The door size really tricked me into thinking the drum is smaller than it is.

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This is great. Glad you had the opportunity to try one out.

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If you are not comfortable getting a smaller washer, I suggest that you get a typical American sized washer with a good internal heater. When you do so, you should be prepared to replace the set in 5 to 8 years. I was prepared to do this. Unfortunately, my laundry room was slightly too small (6 inches) to make that happen. I did not want to spend the money to remodel my laundry room AND I have lived with a Euro washer for more than a decade. So I knew that I could live with it well enough. We are a family of 4.

Miele will cost 50% or more than an expensive standard sized W/D set. So if you end up replacing the set in 5 to 8 years, over 15 to 20 years or so, when you HAVE to replace the Miele, you may be about the same in terms of $ invested over 20 years. I no longer think about the appliance longevity as much as I used to. They improve continuously and they are commodity items now.

I just replaced my dying 13 year old Asko with a new Miele 3037 (I think).

I put 2 sets of twin and 1 set of queen sheets in the same load weekly. They come out clean. I wash them on 'very hot', which I believe is 160F. The washer size is not that problematic for me.

The biggest issue for me is the dryer size. The jeans come out very wrinkled because of the smaller drum size. I have to remember to pull them out damp and hang them to dry.

Some families I know install 2 sets of washer/dryer in their laundry room.

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Two of us have collaborated on a cheat sheet for Miele washers. We have the 3033 & 3035. Perhaps it will be helpful to some new users and others. However, there may be variations on the 3037 as well as older machines.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Washer Cheat Sheet

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Cheat Sheet, hot off the press. Thank you so much for this link.

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Wow! That's amazing. Thanks so much.

My 13 year old Bosch pair finally gasped their last. I was planning on replacing with a new Bosch set, but they've undergone some changes. After combing the threads here on the laundry forum, I ordered the Mieles. I'm hoping they'll arrive later this week!

This "cheat sheet" is perfectly timed and greatly appreciated. I'm grateful for everybody's posts on these machines, as well. They really helped my decision process.

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Please do add your tips.

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Additionally, here is some new information about their extended warrantys that came up on the kitchens forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Warranty + Remote Vision

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Hey Rococogurl, I read your post over on the kitchen forum but had a few questions. Could you go to your linked thread and see the multiple post I've made. Thank you so much.

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Enduring, I actually did answer it.

I am not in Canada. I am in the US.

The RV info is on the US website, including the package. It includes all the technical support info. However, the price quoted for that on the US website is $50 higher than quoted to me over the phone.

My best suggestion is a call to Miele Canada to see what's available to you. However, I would read the tech stuff to be sure you can actually set up the network in your home as needed.

Again, don't know about Canada but here one has 1 year to purchase the extended warranty. My machine is not yet a year old. No sense in being out that $500 until it's necessary.

I had posted asking if anyone actually has this but no response. I am still researching. But the more everyone finds out the better it would be for all since we could compare notes.

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Rococogurl, thanks for getting back with me. I had seen your post over on the kitchen forum. I live in Iowa :) I was asking if you lived in Canada LOL. I know there are different programs available with Miele depending on location, US vs Canada.

I will look into this option.

BTW, I am really liking my cute machine! I have had it up and running for several weeks now. I have 5 different laundry detergents that I'm trying. I have tried Persil color mega pearls, Meile color powder, Vaska, Seventh Generation, and Biokleen. I goofed and got 2 color powder detergents. I like the smell of Persil and Miele. Crazy laundress!

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LOL Iowa. And welcome to the tribe. Glad you got it going as I know you put a lot of work into your set up.

How do you like the Miele products? I haven't tried those or heard a report. Vaska had away too much suds for my soft water. Too bad as it seemed like nice stuff.

I'm devoted to the Megaperls whites. I use Caldrea for the color.

And our "little" machine just did a beautiful job on my white PB queen quilt.

Off to see if I can renew DHs ancient cashmere sweater.

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Rococogurl, I ended up putting the washer right on my porcelain tiled floor. It pretty much purrs. The stacked dryer shakes a little when the washer picks up spin speed. The washer is so quiet I can never hear it.

I hope your cashmere sweater will be restored. Let us know. I will have to pony up the cash to buy the Miele powder for whites. But I have so many soaps now :) My Vaska got really sudsy on a clean but stale mattress pad, but hardly any when I actually washed some dirty clothes.

I need to start a thread to introduce my W/D soon.

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Beasty, do you have your set yet?

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Do show your pics when you get a chance. I'd love to see how it came out. Porcelain tile in a laundry room is really great.

I continue to be astonished by the results with cashmere. DHs sweater is 20+, had whitish pilling and looked ready for donation. The wash on woolens/cold with 1/4 cap of Perwoll wool/silk liquid has it looking and feeling like a brand new sweater.

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OH, where are the before and after pictures :)

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I did get my new washer, and it's great! We decided to hold off on the dryer for now because my Duet is still going and we are about to do a renovation in which we put in a new laundry room. I don't mind spending the money, but it bugs me to get rid of a still functioning dryer before it dies. Hopefully I'll be able to pass it along to someone who can get some use out of it if I decide to get a new dryer for the new laundry room. :)

I'm happy to post a pic if people are interested but it's not terribly exciting. Just a laundry closet with a shelf in the middle of the vertical space so that the units don't physically stack on top of one another.

The size works for us, though my king mattress pad just barely fits.

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