dryer knocking

kayakluvSeptember 24, 2011

my 40-year-OLD Sears Kenmore dryer (model 110.6808612) has started knocking while it's running. I figure at some point it will just stop. It still dries the clothes. over the years it's had a belt replacement and a timer replacement. certainly doesn't owe me a thing.

I'm not ready to spend a bundle for a new one. can someone out there advise if repair would be a good deal less than buying new? thanks!

(I would be hiring it done by the local repair guy).

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Likely causes are the belt, belt idler, or rear support rollers. These are common wear items, available together as a kit, not expensive, and simple to replace.
Part Number 4392065, $23.14 @ AppliancePartsPros.com

If the roller shafts are worn,
Left, Part Number 239480, $9.97
Right, Part Number W10359269, $7.88

You can find videos on YouTube how to disassemble the machine for DIY. Search for Whirlpool dryer belt idler or similar terms.

Less likely, the front drum support bearings/felt ... but this typically causes a metal-on-metal squeal rather than knocking.

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thank you very much for the information. It's unlikely I will attempt this myself. Will more harm be done if I don't get it fixed right away?

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The belt will eventually break if it's torn/split and a piece is flopping. A bad idler can cause a broken belt if it jams completely. Bad idler rollers can wear down the roller shafts if the shafts aren't yet worn.

Although it's not likely a part of your problem, metal-on-metal squealing from worn front support felt must be corrected immediately or the edge of the drum and/or front panel will wear down. I've seen cases of the problem being ignored, and the edge of the drum tore completely through the front panel.

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thanks! I think I'll get it fixed sooner rather than later. you've been a great help.

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