Home Depot Feit CFL Clearance- $2.88 a 6 pack

beachfront71January 24, 2010

For those who care I thought I would post.

We just decided to replace all 60 of our canned lights with CFL's..

Expected to spend a small fortune but Home Depot is clearing out the Feit brand 15w CFL's..

Price = $ 2.88 for a 6 pack of bulbs .. less than $.50 apiece..

I know there have been some mixed reviews on brands but this seems like a smoking deal..

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Remember in "Rainman" when Tom Cruise's character explains K-Mart to Dustin Hoffman's character? The same description applies to Feit CFLs.

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I beg to differ.. I have installed these through out our home and though they do take 30-45 seconds to get to full speed ... once they are on you can not tell which is cfl and which is incand which is exactly what we wanted..

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