Are can lights safe or not?

terri76January 2, 2013

We are remodeling and I wanted to put in 5-6 inch can lights in my kitchen. They are the ones especially made for remodeling that are installed from inside the room. The people at Menards said that they were the ones that were safe and that they could touch insulation. (we have a lot of insulation in our attic and they will touch) But my 2 brother-in-laws who are electricians still tell me that they won't put them in their homes because of the danger of fire. Now I am having 2nd thoughts. Have any of you put in this kind? thanks for any help you can give me.

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Yes they are safe. There is a built-in safety shut off which will trip once a certain temperature is exceeded.

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If it's touching insulation, use IC (insulated ceiling) rated cans. Although most (all?) of these are designed for being installed from the attic or for new construction (or at least re-drywalling the ceiling if installed from below).

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yeah these lights are safe....

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