Stacking washer / dryer

terrinmSeptember 21, 2012

We are adding an apartment to the inside of our shop, for possible MIL or kids, and the contractor put a space in the master closet for a stacking washer/dryer. Does anyone have any recommendations? or can I use a regular FL and stack them? Thanks!

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I think you could use any of the FL's. I do believe you have to buy a matching set in order for the stacking bracket to fit. And each bracket is specific to the manufacturer. If you buy used make sure that you can actually purchase a bracket for the units. I would buy a basic set that had an onboard heater. And since you are putting them in a closet make sure they will actually fit. The only other recommendation is once you install them to leave the door cracked. Since you won't be using these on a regular basis, you don't want them to mildew. But even on a top loader I would leave the lid up if I wasn't using it on a regular basis.

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