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queensinfoSeptember 26, 2013

After researching here, i am very concerned about purchasing a new washer and having it be junk or having to explain to everyone how to use it. I have the Kenmore model 110.92291100 and maytag fibramatic A610 washing machines in my house (both are maybe mid-90s vintage if i had to guess). The prior owner had 2 washers, not sure why but it is helpful. Both washers started to leak within a month of each other. We have been living with the small puddle on the floor (tile basement) but i am concerned that one day it will be 25 gallons of water all over the place. The leak seems to turn up right after filling once the "washing" starts.

Should I attempt a repair or replace? I hate to spend a couple of hundred bucks to repair one or both machines only to have something else go, but also dont want to drop 800 bucks if i dont need to. I wont buy 2 washers and would probably consider the speed queen 542 as the reviews seem great and wash time is important (and noise is not). I am a little worried about the capacity though. I don't need a dryer as the Maytag dryer (same series as the washer above) works great.

Any and all advice is much appreciated.

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An A610 is older than 1990s. My sister has an LA512 that dates to April 1984. 610 is a year or two older. Post the serial number if you want to know more precisely, it's coded for the year and month of manufacture.

The Kenmore unit, serial number is coded for year and week, if you want to know that.

Both machines, the leak could be minor as the pumps, which both are an easy fix .... or something more "serious" as a bad tub seal (which also is fixable). No way to answer more precisely without an examination.

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Thanks Dadoes. I think you were the one that got me thinking about repair when i was originally thinking replace, from your comment in my other thread.
Serial numbers
for A610 is 500344JC
Kenmore CC2032905
How old are they?

Anyone think it is even worth a $75 examination for one or both? I am leaning towards putting the money towards a new one, but keeping two machines would be preferable if easy fix. What to do?

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