fyi...portfolio lighting at Lowes

sturdyJanuary 27, 2009

I just realized in my hunt for lights that the Lowes brands Portfolio and Bel Air are the same as Trans Globe. The Lowes version is definitely less expensive ($209 at Lowes vs $309 online for Trans Globe and another was $899 vs $1100). Thought I would let everyone know...but maybe I was the only one who did not know this:)

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I have ran into that same thing only the other way around. I think it depends on the fixture. I was looking at an outdoor light for $109 at Lowes and the same light was $49 online. It was branded as Transglobe online.

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Belair was for Home Deopt, but they are no longer a client of transglobe. Transglobe is sold to show rooms, then Portfolio is Lowes brand....however there are some things that are ONLY at Lowes

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We saw Juno track lights at the lighting store and then visited Lowes and found their Portfolio is labeled Juno. Are the tracks and heads the same quality? (It's like a John Deere at Lowes is not offered at all at John Deere' site and can't have the warrenty from John Deere.) Is this the same kind of deal with lighting?

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I can confirm what the previous poster said. Lowes 'Portfolio' track lighting is OEM manufactured by Juno. I went to Lowes today (10/26/10) and saw one of their employees type a Portfolio track lighting part number into their system and "Juno" came up in the title and description.

My situation was I needed a >50w Portfolio fixture in black and Lowes didn't even sell one, which meant, as far as Lowes was concerned, that they didn't exist. I kept asking myself who makes Lowes Portfolio track lighting? I am glad I have the answer now.

Also, I have the slightly thicker Portfolio track with a third ground wire which is labeled 'contractor track' This deeper track is compatible with a Hampton Bay fixture I tried from home depot. Unfortunately Depot doesn't stock a fixture that meet my needs either. I am excited to find these alternative fixtures, without having to replace my track.

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