Recessed lighting spacing confusion

crus1January 20, 2013

Hello all

I have a room that is 284" x 159". I was told that I want 3 feet all the wall. All the way around. Spaced at 4' between each along each wall. I will need to space them at roughly 53" between to have even space between them. Will this cause Ny shadowing. Also between to rows of lights will be roughly 6' between the rows. Will i have any shadow issues with that?

Also is it 4 feet on center or from each side?

Any help u can give will be greatly appreciated?

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The link below will be helpful as the same principles apply

Here is a link that might be useful: Led recessed lighting guide

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Help / Comment on lighting and spacing. Our new kitchen will have no uppers. It is a U shape with a deep penninsula (42" open to the dining room). If the standard is 24-30 inches from the wall, and allowing roughly 12" from the edge of the uppers, where should we be from the wall without the uppers? Also, we are not sure about hanging pendants on the penninsula since it may marginally obstruct the clean look into the kitchen. Are we wrong?

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