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travis4710January 28, 2013

Just received our plans and wanted to get some feedback on the lighting scenario. We plan to use Cree CR6 in all of the recessed cans, so any concerns or suggestions with my current plan?

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Should be fine. I'm assuming that the space is ~ 14' x 14' , but is really open.

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A lot of it is your preference. How much light do you want? Once the job is complete, you may think it's still not bright enough. If you want it bright, better to put more lights in now than to pay the costs associated with trying to add them later. It's cheaper to install lights BEFORE drywall goes up than after! Besides, you can always put the lights on dimmer switches to make it darker when you want to set a "mood". We typically use 5" Juno recessed lights for general lighting purposes, 4" low-voltage recessed lights for accent lighting.
Having said that, here are some ideas. The Kitchen looks fine, can't tell from the pic, but what about under-cabinet lights? Juno makes a self-contained fixture in various lengths that tuck up neatly to the bottom of your upper cabinets, giving you better countertop lighting. And no, I'm not a Juno rep, but in my experience(9-year journeyman electrician wiring custom homes) their fixtures have proven to be the most dependable. They may cost more, but you get your money's worth. In the Dining room, we often straddle the table light with 2x 4" L.V.(low-voltage) High-Hats(recessed lights, or H.H. to save space in writing). Also may consider 4x 5" H.H.'s for general lighting. In the Family room, again, 4-6x 5" H.H.'s for general lighting. Also, not sure what the purpose of the track-light on the one side is for? Entertainment center, or artwork. In either case, I'd recommend 4" L.V. H.H.'s. They make a multitude of different trims to insert. So if it's for an entertainment center, regular down trims would work. If it's for artwork, they have gimble-ring trims(which move a little for directional lighting, or 90-degree trims, which gives you more movement. They tilt up & down, and swivel side-to-side more) And I only suggest the H.H.'s because it's a cleaner look.
The Foyer, maybe 4x 5" H.H.'s around the center light, or possibly wall sconces. Same with the Living room, 4-6x 5" H.H.'s and/or wall sconces. In the Laundry room, I'd replace the H.H. with a decorative light that hugs the ceiling, with the possibly under-cabinet lights(if there's cabinets above the washer & dryer). The closet of the Laundry, I'd put a 2-ft fluorescent fixture, usually on the wall above the door. Same with the Mudroom(as far as replacing the H.H. with a decorative light). In the Hall leading from the Dining to the Laundry, 3-4x 5" H.H.'s. In the Bath, I'm assuming that's a fan/light combo over the toilet? I'd pull that back to center of the ceiling for more even lighting, and I'd go with the kind that looks like a H.H., where all you see is the trim and the bulb, instead of one that has the big rectangular grills. And I'd wire it in 3-conductor operated by 2x switches so you could leave the fan running withour leaving the light(s) on. You could wire it so that light of the fan/light unit comes on with the vanity lights.
And again, this is ultimately up to YOUR preference, AND budget! You asked. :o) And I had some free time.

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