recessed led light, halo ml56 or lithonia lighting?

janesylviaJanuary 18, 2013

I'd like to have recessed lights installed in living room and family room. Which would be better, Halo LED (600 lumens, 3000K, 6", IC rated, air-tght), or Lithonia Lighting (600lumen, 3000K, 5", IC rated)? Lithonia looks better than Halo, but I don't know how its quality is compared to Halo.

Halo has the air-tight feature. But if I choose a can which is air-tight, does it matter that the led recessed light itself is air-tight or not?

Thank you very much.

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6" cans are more common and cheaper. You could add the Cree CR6 and Sylvania RT6 to the list of lights to consider.
No, the LED recessed light is never rated as air-tight as the rating only applies to the housing.

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ok so someone posted that air tight retrofits were not as adequate as having air tight (and ic rated) housings. anyone want to chime in on this? up here in the boston area, electricians are looking for $100-$125 per can in labor to swap out remodeled housings. would rather not pay that X8. sounds like a bit of a rip to me. i mean, how long does it take to swap out housings? 20 minutes? boy, i wish i could work for $300 an hour.

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The main difference between "new build" and "retrofit" is that the latter is mounted- clipped onto the ceiling board while the former is nailed into the ceiling joists.

The differences in insulation quality depends on the selection made as well as how tightly the can fits into the hole and whether the installer made the effort to seal things up.

Retrofit housing is usually used when lighting is added after the ceiling was completed and either there is limited access to the space above or the contractor deemed it too much effort put in new construction cans.

The question should be why do you need to swap out the remodel housings. Are you replacing the ceiling board?

If so, standard "new build" housing should be installed since it would be quicker and less problematic than cutting the necessary holes and clipping the "remodel" housing to the ceiling board.

The rate quote is as expected.

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