Can you help me feel confident about this lighting package?

chris401January 16, 2014

Hi all,

I've read a number of threads here on LEDs, including the davidtay master thread of greatness, and went that route for our new construction house. Now that it is time to pull the trigger, I am a little gun shy. Here's what we have for a roughly 4000 sq ft house:

7 exterior sconces (SLV outbeam g9 - halogen?) at $142.4 each
120+ interior recessed lights -- 4" housing (txf f501al) at $12 + 4" LED Cree CR4, 3000 K at $45 = $57 total
3 directional recessed LED 3000 K (halo housing, light, trim in white) = ~$120 total per each
20+ exterior recessed LED 3000 K (halo housing, light, trim in black) = ~$120 total per each
6 WAC LED step lights at $86 each
2 interior sconces Edge 4" Alpha LED at $153.45
2-3 60" Emerson LOFT fan at $224 each (living spaces)
4-5 54" Minka Aire fans at $206 each (bedrooms)
A variety of bathroom sconces, all incandescent

If anyone has thoughts about what you see above, general or specific, I would appreciate it. Here are a few of my specific concerns or questions:

1. Recessed cans -- Wow, Halo is double the price of the CR4s? That's a lot and it adds up with this many cans. I think we need it for the directional lights because there doesn't seem to be a CR4 version that is directional/on a gimble. For the exterior, we need it to be black, and Cree doesn't appear to have trim kits. Some suggested that I could just paint the trims on the CR4s and use them outside. Is that true? Any other way to make this cheaper (other than just eliminating cans)?

2. So that I understand this correction, with the CR4s, once the bulb (or more likely the necessary circuitry) fails, I need to purchase an entirely new unit at ~$45 per unit? That seems pricey, but I assume the math works out that this better expense than a traditional incandescent flood over the life of the bulb? How long can I expect the CR4s to last? Hopefully a really long time because that will be a pretty large expense given how many of these we have.

3. How do the prices look? Seem fair?

Thanks in advance!

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All LED modules (Halo, Sylvania, Cree, ...) will need to be replaced as complete units.
A CR4 or Halo should last > 5 years (~ 5 hrs daily usage) at a minimum.

you could paint the trim.
It will be an involved process for a good lasting paint job - stripping the existing paint, priming, paint ...

An alternate form of lighting would be to utilize cove lighting using either rope/ strip lights or wall washing lights.

As for pricing, you could shop around locally and online.
Your electrician may be able to get additional discounts from local vendors.

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Thanks, davidtay. I realized that Cree makes a CR6 trim in black, so I might switch the outdoor recessed cans to CR6.

I really like indirect lighting--in fact, I probably prefer that--but the architect didn't design it that way, so I don't know how hard (and how long) it would be to go back to the drawing board to get cove lighting in some of the rooms. The electrician wanted to start the install last week, and I don't want to hold them back any longer than I have to. My hope is that 4" recessed CR4 will blend in, have minimal glare, and reduce the swiss cheese effect because they are smaller.

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