Lighting a Kitchen Island

foxy01January 22, 2013

Hi, there. Have an oddly-shaped kitchen island. It is in the shape of a "T"; necessary to allow for wide enough aisles in a U-shaped kitchen layout. The cabinets on the long part of the "T" are centered on the window over the sink as well as in the room. That portion (measured facing the window) is 32" wide x 54" long. Perpendicular to that is the short part of the "T", which is supported by 4 legs and is for purposes of an eating counter. It measures 64" wide x 21" deep. The logical lighting plan would be the use of a pendant over the eating counter. In the ceiling above ~smack dab in the center of the island~ runs a joist, preventing the use of centered ceiling fixtures. Originally I had planned to center one large pendant over the eating counter, as I strongly dislike the 'busy look' of multiple fixtures hanging from the ceiling. Even if I have to 'give' on that point, I am still left with the dilemma of how to go about lighting the 32" wide x 54" long 'working portion of the island. Recessed cans (6") provide the lighting around the perimeter of the room. Adding 2 more to 'straddle' the joist would jamb them too close to the others around the perimeter. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (I'd like to get what has been a nightmare of "Holmes on Homes" proportions ~ no exaggeration~ full-gut reno done at some point before I'm 6' under. The kitchen is the tiny glimmer of light at the end of a VERY long tunnel.)

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