LG 2150 newbie user review

posskatSeptember 26, 2011

just received my fl w/d and have been putting it thru the paces. i must say, i am, for the most part, THRILLED w/my new w/d. our socks are white again, and the grunge in our jeans is gone! i am still experimenting w/all the settings, but, our clothes have NEVER been cleaner! yes, the cycles are longer, and due to the levelness of our floor,(it isn't), there is some vibration, but it is minimal and the machine doesn't walk anywhere. have washed bedding, sneakers, jackets, towels, dog things, pretty much the whole gamut of laundry, barring pillows, and the results are all excellent.

due to storms, the power flickered off several times, and i found it annoying that when this happened, i had to start the machine over from the beginning each time, even tho it was almost finished...any ideas there?

2 small issues are the 1) door, which i am not able to leave open just ajar; it swings halfway or all the way open; only problem is the pair is located in a busy hallway, so you have to walk around the door; would like to be able to leave it open only a few inches, but can live it.....the other is that 2) i like to use vinegar in the final rinse, so i put it in the fabric softener dispenser (never use fs), but it immediately runs into the prewash tray and is emptied into the machine (i'm assuming) almost immediately, defeating the purpose...i also like to use borax and oxyclean pwdr, but am at a loss how to use them unless i get some he powder det. (i have a large bottle of he liquid era i have to use up first). any ideas? would they work in the prewash, or could i simply put the borax or oxyclean directly in the tub? also,

i have not seen anything in the manual about monthly maintenence on the filter or anything, hope i'm not missing that.

i realize it's only been 3 days, and w/do another post several months from now, but i must say, that i am VERY HAPPY w/my new machine. it surpasses, by far, my old maytag tl, for cleaning ability. it has quite a large capacity, and is several inches deeper than my old washer, so keep this in mind if you are limited for space.

thanks for all the support and interesting reading. here's hoping these new machines w/last.

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@posskat, glad to hear that you are happy with your LG. I really like mine too.

As far as your issues are concerned, I don't use vinegar in the wash but it's strange that it leaks out. I use fabric softener diluted with water and have no leakage from the FS compartment in the dispenser. You should check the dispenser to make sure that it's not cracked or assembled wrong - it shouldn't be leaking out before the last rinse.

You are right about the door - mine can only be left open fully or half way too. I have the same issue as you do with the washer being located in a busy hallway leading to the garage. I usually do my washing in the evening and leave the door open overnight and then shut it the next morning. That seems to be sufficient for the washer to dry out.

As to the borax and oxy bleach: if you are not using the prewash option, you can remove the liquid detergent insert and just put your liquid detergent together with borax and oxy bleach directly into the main wash compartment. If you are using prewash, then I think your only option is to switch to powder detergent (which may be a good idea anyway) so that borax and oxy bleach can be dispensed into the main wash. Oxy bleach needs time and higher temp to do its job. I don't think it's effective in the short prewash portion of the cycle.

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the fabric softener in my tray has a hole in it (obviously), that goes into the prewash tray, so as soon as i fill it w/vinegar, most of it runs into the prewash tray...ah well, guess that's the design.

using the liquid det. plus the oxyclean together in the main tray sounds like a good plan; i w/try that, as i think you are right about the oxy needing more time, etc.

i am very impressed w/my results thus far. w/keep my fingers crossed!

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Sounds like something may be wrong with your FS dispenser. Mine doesn't have a hole. It's a little standing tube that is covered from above by a blue cover (it has a larger tube that fits over the one in the container). So it doesn't leak out until the FS compartment is actually filled with water during the last rinse. There is no way that a liquid FS dispenser would be designed to empty into the prewash portion of the cycle.

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oos!! my mistake on that!! i pulled it all out again, and it does have a hole, into another obscured tray that must empty later....i must have seen leftover water seeping into the prewash tray....so, there's one issue solved!

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I use the OxyClean pillows and just throw it in there. I have the Maytag top loader Bravo that is like a frontloader only it loads from the top if that makes sense. I can't say I love it, BTW. The dryer is so loud and that whole steam thing? JOKE. The washer doesn't really seem to clean with out doing maximum settings. Oh well...live and learn, expensive lesson though.

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