Difference in Brands?

troubled-2007January 18, 2009

I was just looking at a local hardware store and they have lighting very much like Hampton Bay or other brands that I was interested in. Is there any real difference in the electrical components of the no name brands or is it just the cosmetic appearance that is different?

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All fans are pretty much wired the same with white, black and blue wires. The blue wire is for a lighting fixture. IMO, the ball and yoke mount is the easiest to hang. Hunters are the hardest to balance and hang.

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Quality is different of course.

With indoor lighting it is less of an issue, different fixtures may function and last very similarly. With outdoor lighting there is a major difference due to fixtures built to have a low price don't holding up as well to the corrosive outdoor environment--especially for landscape lighting which is subject to ground moisture and burried wiring.

Electricians will buy many things from home depot, but landscape lighting is not one of them--Malibu, Hampton Bay tend to last 1-3 yrs after install (throw away temp solutions).

With indoor lighting the cheaper brands will feel chincier but may look as good (from a far) and last last long as more expensive brands.

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