Suavitel Baby Powder Fresh Softener

larsi_gwSeptember 7, 2010

Has anyone used this, or even able to find it? It is on their website as a current offering, and as P&G dramatically changed/ruin my longtime Downy April Fresh Softener...I am on a mission to find something else. I can find the Suavitel in the blue and yellow bottles (way way too strong for me), but I thought the Powder Fresh (white bottle) might be softer, and closer to the classic April Fresh scent of Downy that I love & miss.


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Ohhhh...Powder Fresh sounds good.
I just bought my first bottle of Ultra Suavitel, Field Flowers.
But Powder Fresh sounds like it would be nice.
I know what you mean about P&G changing Downy April Fresh.
It no way smells the same anymore. I'm also looking for a new softener to replace Downy. It no longer smells, fresh.

I mostly use softener for bed linens.
I have not seen the Baby Powder any where yet.

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I FOUND IT!!! I went into our local Vallarta Supermarket (small chain of full size markets, catering mostly to Hispanics..and they have some really great stuff..lots of Mexican detergents and softeners, beautiful produce, meats, breads and goodies).

I bought 2 bottles bottles of Suavitel Baby Powder Fresh Softener. Large bottles, and very reasonably prices at $3.99 (40 loads).

I will try it tomorrow. YOU MUST LOVE baby powder scents. It is quite strong. Not offensive, but it is for sure a bold baby powder smell...which happens to be one of my favourite smells! I even love my Mom's perfume, that's drydown is heavily scented of baby powder (Shalimar).

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Ok...I've done 3 loads now with this new Suavitel Baby Powder Fresh Softener, and I really like it- a lot! In the bottle, it does smell quite strong and a little "chemical-y", but after washing and drying the smell is very soft, faint and really wonderful. I also like that the bottle says dermatologist tested, and skin friendly!

I do not think I like it better than my decades used and loved Downy April Fresh (now changed and ruined by P & G), but this Suavitel has a similar softness. There is not obvious fruity notes, or anything like Gain. My clothes and towels & sheets just smell soft and faintly of baby powder. It's actually really comforting!

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