recessed lighting for living room

tatelandJanuary 24, 2010

Any advice on recessed lighting for a 12x24 living room? suggestions for brands of cans and sizes. Anyone like the adjustable cans?


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For help with lighting design one needs to know more.

height of ceiling and flat or slope
obstacles on the ceiling
color of room
furniture plan
art work, collection, etc. placement and sizes

Lighting a room requires a mix of general, task and accent lighting. You'll need to be able to clean, read and enjoy your art and furnishings as well as entertain. Each different use of the room can require different levels of lighting from the different types which is called a "scene". A reading scene typically lights your favorite chair well with the other room lighting subdued to both save energy and to also create a calm soothing environment. Cleaning is everything full blast so you can see every spec of dust. Entertaining for young people is low general lighting with the art higher to stand out. Older eyes need more light so the light levels depend on who is being entertained. These are just some thoughts to explain why your post needs a lot more info.

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I have 8' flat ceilings and no other lighting except 1 floor lamp. We have a sectional couch, a console table against one wall with a picture above it and a fire place in the corner, kind of a strange place for a fireplace. The house was built in 1958. We are thinking about adjustable but not sure I like that "eyeball" look.

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