Track lighting over a steamy sink

kathfarrJanuary 5, 2008

Hi - We have had two seperate runs of track lighting installed in our kitchen. One of the runs is along the wall where our kitchen sink is with a transformer sitting directly over the sink. This transformer has now been replaced twice. The transformer on the other run (by the fridge) has not failed.

I am wondering if the steam from the sink is somehow responsible for shorting out the transformer. The other piece of the puzzle is that the track lights are from Home Depot which seem to be of poor quality.

Do you think that I will have better luck by replacing the tracks with a higher quality system? Would a better quality system be able to stand up to occasional blasts of steam from the sink? And would a line voltage system work better than a low voltage one (thus not needing a transformer)?

Thanks for your help.


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Just guessing, but my gut reaction is that steam probably has nothing to do with it. I mean how much steam can there possibly be in play here ? It's hard to imagine that the momentary clouds generated by draining pasta could possibly infiltrate an enclosure and the transformer itself enough to do damage. One alternate explanation that comes to mind is that the sink-side lights are turned on more of the time, or switched on and off more often, wearing them out sooner. Do you have them on a dimmer, and if so, is it a proper low-voltage dimmer? You could even chalk it up to chance; two consecutive failures isn't quite so unlikely as, say, winning the lottery.

It wouldn't surprise me if build quality had something to do with it. Not everything sold in the big-boxes is junk, but some of it certainly is.

A line-voltage system would have fewer components to fail, but you might find the choice of track fixtures rather limited.

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