Pros/cons of a steam washer/dryer? What model?

kitkat3September 6, 2010

I like the idea of being able to sanitize items that have had pets laying on them. So as far as I can tell, the only washer and dryer that do this for under $800 each (on sale for $764.99 at BB)are the LG 5101. However, truthfully I wasn't thinking of getting such a big washer (5 cu ft). I am a single person with a dog and cat. I usually do one dark wash and one white wash with different kinds of clothing in each. I don't wash 10 towels at a time or 10 pairs of jeans--I don't even own that many!

Do the washers/dryers that sanitize do a good job on smaller loads? What would be a good choice for a single person?

I appreciate your thoughts. This is my first purchase and I'm nervous about buying the wrong thing.

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Washers that do not use steam, just a sanitizer cycle do a great job. My 9 year old HE3T has this, no cleaning issues with it at all, it still surprises me to this day. I got home from work yesterday, my shirt was covered in oily machine dirt as I had to clean out the sump. It all came out using detergent and sani cycle

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Steam is nothing more than a marketing scam. Ever hear of an IRON? Save the $300 or more they will charge for steam feature and buy yourself a Rowenta iron and a good ironing board. You will be happier.

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