Recessed lighting layout for Family room - design

diy_mikeJanuary 6, 2010

I am planning on installing recessed lighting in my

family room. Below is what I am currently planning.

Each dot on the grid is a recessed light.

Any suggestions? The room has 8ft ceilings and each

square on the graph paper represents 1 sqft.

Is it too much light?

Should I be worried about glare on the TV from the light in front of it?

The goal is to have comfortable overall lighting in the

room that you could read by yet the source is not right in your face (hence recessed). I will have a desk lamp at the desk for task lighting.

Any suggestions on what to use for the lights?

Something line voltage avaliable in Home depot ideally.



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I think the spacing is perfect for the space.
I would use 5" recessed cans with clear alzak or black trims with 50par30 lamps with the frosted lens . such as the Satco "soft Par"
Stay away from white baffles, as they are "glare bombs".

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We have recessed cans in the family room in our rental, and I hate them. Our architect had drawn our new home with tons of recessed lights- and we're changing them out for sconces and/or the old fashioned middle of the room flush mount. In our current situation, the cans are at the front edge of the couch and need to be turned off while watching TV- or I need to wear a visor because they blind me! They provide no ambiance, either. I suggest considering alternatives.

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The idea is to have multiple sources for lighting. Our TV room will have recessed, sconces, lamps and remote control lighting on the ceiling fans. Most of the time we will have the sconces and lamps on, but we like the brightness of recessed when doing puzzles or playing cards.

Mike, I think overall it looks good. The one over the desk probably should be closer to the wall so your body won't cast a shadow when working.

Another consideration is whether or not you will be using fluorescent bulbs. I find them to be much brighter than I anticipated which is what brought me to this forum. I am wondering if the CFL's for can lights come in anything other than 65 watts.

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Came back to tell you we just spent our second night with our new lights (no drywall yet) and decided it's much, much brighter than we need. One room is 12x24, 9 foot ceilings with six cans. The other is 12x24, 12 foot ceilings with 9 cans. We opted to rewire and put some on separate switches, rather than remove them.

Also, we built on a new addition 4 years ago and put just four cans in each bedroom. Our master is 17x17 and I realized last night that 4 is plenty. So if you still think you want that many, you may want to consider separate switches. Just FYI.

Another thing I realize is that I don't think your furniture layout is optimal for watching TV or conversation. Is that how you have it now?

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i have a room that is also roughly 12 x 24. what is the light like with 6 cans vs 9 cans? I am trying to figure out what i need but don't want to over do or under do it. its our faimly room with a TV on the call and i will be putting them on dimmer switches.

Any info you can give would be appreciated!

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You can omit the can in the center of the room and possibly the one next to the TV.

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