Long extension outdoor wall fixtures

chairthrowerJanuary 11, 2009

Our front door has no porch or overhang, and a single wall mount fixture centered above the door. It's a standard Early American style lantern, with about an 8 or 9 inch extension from the wall. Problem is the flashing and door trim extends about 7 or 8 inches from the wall, and the light illuminates everything but the front door and landing at night (it's hilarious when you look at it from the street--it's precisely just the front door that's in shadow).

We're looking for a way to have a wall-mounted light that shines down on the landing and illuminates the step and front door. One thing we had thought of was an old streetlamp that could be wall mounted or something like it. Another option would be a hanging fixture where the chain could be hung from a bracket that we could attach to the wall above the door. Or more simply a wall-mount lantern that has a 15 or 16" extension that would clear the door flashing and light the front door--but it can't be too big (under 18" in height, say) because it would look too big for the scale of the house. I haven't found a source for any of this online (well, I can find hanging fixtures, but no wall-mount brackets).

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You could consider something like this Outdoor Light.

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It might work but I'm pretty sure it would hit the flashing over the door. We really need something that has 8-10" of extension before the fixture even starts. Something hanging from a bracket. This one has some extension out from the wall, so it's a possibility. I'd need more specific measurements. I'm also worried the wall plate wouldn't fit in the space between the top of the door flashing and the fixture.

I have a vision of what such a light would look like, but I have yet to find anything like it online.

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