Color Temp for Kitchen

JMNorseJanuary 30, 2012

How do people feel about the color temperature of recessed task lighting for a kitchen? I'm going to have medium-stained cabinets and will use 4" recessed LEDs. I have two options in my price range: EcoStar and Commercial Electric.

The EcoStar (Cree CR4) puts out a nice 575 Lumens, but is 2700K color temp (soft white like incadescent lights in a bedroom).

The Commercial Electric only puts out 400 Lumens, but is 3000K temp. I think the 3000K is a bright white and is closer to what I thought was typically used.

Essentially this boils down to is 2700K ok for kitchen task lighting? If so, it reduces how many lights I need by 33%...


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Is it a 'working kitchen' or a 'relaxing' kitchen?

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General home lighting has a 2700k color.

The commercial electric lights do not perform as well as the cree lights.

If the kitchen gets used for food preparation, having more light is better.

To that end, people will have more than 1 source of lights - recessed cans, UCL, ...

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I guess it's more of a relaxing kitchen? It's part of a great room with the living and dining rooms. Since they're 2700K, davidtay's advice about using 2700K is probably the way to go. Thanks!

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