Update on living room mirror and a few new purchases

thecloseJanuary 28, 2014

Well, the mirror is hung (albeit badly and it needs to be rehung) and new floor lamps have been purchased. The living room is coming along! All we need now is a floor lamp for the corner reading nook (thinking brass arc lamp), a few pieces of art and some mantle accessories and we'll be done for a while.

Here is my previous mirror thread: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/decor/msg1116514218389.html

I ordered it and got a great deal. It was backordered, took 6 weeks and arrived shattered. I purchased through Bliss Home, who had great customer service. They had another shipped right away and it arrived in 1 piece!

In the meanwhile, I saw a great deal on some floor lamps that I absolutely love. Stylistically they fit. They are definitely oversized but I like that about them - not everyone's taste but no matter! With a rearranging of some chairs, we have a new reading nook that needs a lamp. Now using one of our ghost chairs as a place holder until something comes along that strikes our fancy. I really love the space and we are enjoying it! Thanks for all your help, fellow GWebbers! Here are some pics.

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Thank you so much for posting today of all days, it is -18 here this morning, and your picture feels like a breath of April air.

I absolutely love your sconces, and what is that delectable wall color?

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FYI: the BEST product for hanging paintings, mirrors, etc. They come in different lengths and different weight capacities and make the job of hanging even very heavy things sooooooo easy. And they come with all the hardware you need.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mirror/Painting hangers

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What a truly personal space. I love it. Pastel walls with intense upholstery -- who knew?! You have done it. It's both classic and your very own. Delightful.

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bp, thank you so much! It really is a cozy room. It is cold here too! Although not nearly as cold as you. The wall color is Farrow & Ball Pink Ground. I really love it. As with many paints, I love it in some lights and just like it in others but overall I am happy with it.

Tibbrix, thanks for the suggestion. I have seen those. The problem with this mirror is that the hangers are on each side of the mirror, not on top. We thought we measure and put up the included hooks as we would any other picture hanger. Well, we were wrong. Because of the curves of the mirror, you can't hang the hanger straight because the hook will show. Ugh. It needed to be placed in the wall on an angle so it is hidden behind the mirror. Really, we shouldn't have attempted this ourselves. That's what we get for wanting to save a few bucks!!

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with the ookos, you don't use the existing hanging hardware. Just ignore it.

You attach one piece of the ookos to the mirror frame, the other to the wall, and just slide the mirror onto the piece on the wall. It comes with a level, which you click into the part going on the wall, so you can see it is level, then just drill the screws in.

What you might have a problem with, since the mirror is oval shaped, is whether the ookos is short enough to attach to the top part of the mirror frame AND carry the weight of a mirror. I know they make them short enough; what I don't know is if they make a shorter one that can carry the weight. You have to know what the mirror weighs.

OR, if the longer, 200 lb. ookos can be attached to the mirror frame.

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Tibbrix, got it. Will have to check that out.

jamies, thank you so much!

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I love the new mirror and of course, the great prints on your upholstery pieces. And of course, that oil painting is amazing.

I looked at the same sconces for my FR! I really do get that Varney/Draper vibe.

Did you decide against the topiaries? I thought they looked great against the wall color.

Here is a link that might be useful: Saw this Varney room and thought of yours

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gooster, I LOVE that cottage!! I remember looking at that cottage a while back. I thought about using F&B Calamine but my LR doesn't get as much light as that room and so I thought it might be a bit much. I actually love that entryway! I am still debating what wallpaper to use in mine. Black and white stripe is a strong contender. I guess subconsciously I was channeling that room when I put down my zebra. Too funny.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I haven't ruled out the topiaries. Not sure if they are too tall. The mantle, and the built in bookshelves, are causing me some angst. I just don't know how to accessorize them. I figure it will come to me one day when I play around with them.

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I dream of having a pink living room some day and love yours -- the sofa fabric is terrific with the pink walls and dark painting. So many wonderful things about your room!

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Your room just makes me smile! I especially love that orange chair back in the corner, I guess that is the reading nook? I think an arc lamp would look nice there. And now you have me wondering about the rest of your house. Any more pics that you care to share?

I am in process of recorating a family room and my inclination keeps wanting to veer to "safe" territory, so it is refreshing to see a room decorated with a bit of whimsy!

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What a lovely room! I will enjoy watching your project!

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Mamorella: I researched a lot of Dorothy Draper and for my own home and when I saw the Carleton Varney reference, I had to Google Image search him to see the modern incarnations from the DD firm.... and then I saw that cottage!.

I think the cottage has a lot of relevant ideas for you -- the bold entry but also the use of colorful accessories on the shelves and tables, the great b&w or green print chairs, etc. Like the green hurricanes for the mantel (or the topiaries -- which may be too tall) instead of the clear ones, or some pink/orange/green accessories on the shelves, etc.

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Thanks everyone!!

awm03, we, too, dreamed of a pink living room! We finally bought our first house and the dream became a reality. We love it. Highly recommend!

kellie, thanks!! Yes, the coral zebra chair is the reading nook. Of course I have more pics of the house. It has been fun decorating. I will attach more in a separate post.

rorah, appreciate it!

gooster, I will take a look at the accessorizing in the cottage. Great idea. A while back I told my husband when we get new couches, I want to do a hot pink mohair (same fabric on the bamboo bench). He's not too sure about that. : )

I took a pic of the mantle with topiaries. Let me know your thoughts.

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@kellie, per your request, here are some photos of other rooms in the house. I have excluded my daughter's nursery, as there is a thread on here about it with an update and pics. Hope this is of interest!

Dining room

Den (still haven't purchased a TV for it!)

Kitchen (from prev owner; we just ripped out wallpaper and painted)

Family room/Playroom (some pics are sans curtains)

Master (pink part is dressing room; upholstery from prev owner)

Son's room

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Love your home...thanks for sharing!

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Love the pink in your living room. I NEED to paint a room in my house that color. Your home is lovely. The "Light of the World" picture in your son's room, is in my home also.

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mamorella: did I miss the hot pink bamboo bench? Is that it peaking behind the door?

I love the bold drapery prints and use of color throughout. Thank you for sharing the rest. I especially love your son's room, with blue walls, drapers and bright dresser.

Actually I do like the topiaries there -- that green next to the pink pairs so well with the floral on the other side. In the shot you posted, they look right in scale. Do they appear too large in a wider angle view?

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@loribee, thank you!

@romy, I really am happy with the color. So pretty. Vibrant yet peaceful, if that makes sense. And so funny you have "Light of the World". My MIL has it in her home, as well as other Chambers works. We found this in an antique store in our former city. Love it.

@gooster, I am including a pic of the bamboo bench. You are right that it is peeking through the door, although now it is on the other side of the room between the built ins. I love my son's room too! We did the same in his room in this house as in our former apt. Love it.

And about the topiaries, we are leaving them for now. They provide the needed "greenery" that we are lacking in the room. We really would like to do a potted fiddle leaf fig somewhere but haven't gotten around to it. We had a beautiful large palm in our former city for over 7 years but had to give it away before we moved. And thank you for your lovely comments! I really love our new home and it makes me happy to pass each room and smile as to how much I enjoy them individually and as a whole. I think that was a recent thread - decorate with what you love!

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The pink in your living room is so beautiful and unexpected. It must be calming. Thanks for sharing the photos of your home - you have great taste and lots of unexpected and wonderful surprises! I love that little Moroccan table in the den, among many other things....

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Very pretty!

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@marinagal, thank you!! It is very calming, and fun too. That Moroccan table is from the same neighbor that gave me the painting in the living room. She had some great things!

@nancybee, thanks!

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It looks like you have spent a lot of time, money and effort decorating your home "my way," and you did a great job. How could anyone be down in the dumps or unhappy in such a bright and cheerful home!!?

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I love your fabrics. So fun and refreshing!

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I love your fabrics. So fun and refreshing!

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Thanks for sharing all of that! You've done a terrific job. I love your dining room and the master.

It's so interesting that you used Pink Ground; it was totally Calamine where I tried it in our stonehouse, but it's terrific in your room. I also love the floral upholstery, it's just not something anyone seems to do anymore!

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