master bed lighting layout

landscapenewbJanuary 23, 2011

So I have a couple weeks coming up when the SO will be out of the country. I want to make a few upgrades in the master bedroom to surprise her when she gets back. I am wondering what people think of this design. (the recessed lights would hopefully be on a dimmer)

Few questions: location of recessed lights good? too many/not enough? can size/wattage of lights? any other thoughts???

thanks all for your help!

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Looks good. I'd use regular 6" cans, and possibly LED Recessed Bulb kits

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Are the 3 cans on the left going to be over your bed? If so, make sure to put switches on each side of your bed. First build we only put them on Dh's side. (I'm warm and snug, he's not home, I have to reach to his side of a king to turn off lights. Current build has a switch for the 2 on my side and a switch for his side.

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