5' or 6' recessed cans down a hallway

dlr98004January 25, 2010

We are removing our old dropped light fixtures and putting in recessed cans in the kitchen/family room and hallway. I think we will use 5" cans in the kitchen (installed in a 27" soffit). Will the same 5" cans be enough running down the hallway? Hall is 30' long x 42" wide. I was thinking of a can about every 6' (our ceiling joists are 2' on center so that spacing should work out perfectly.)

I am open to switching to 6" cans - I think there will be room in the soffit for either - I just thought the 5" cans looked a little more "modern". I would like to consider CFL bulbs - but the light must be warm not cool.

Your thoughts and suggestions welcomed!

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We had the larger cans in our previous house, and eventually wished we could swap them out with track or rail lights to better display pictures on the walls. Someone (I think Hampton Bay) finally come out with adapter kits that you can use to convert a recessed can to some other fixture---something to consider for future use if you want flexibility. I'm not sure if they will work for both sizes or not--Home Depot has them; it might be worth checking out. If they only work for one size, you might consider that if at some point you want to modify your fixture and size your cans appropriately.

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