big kitchen, low ceilings-- will glimpse lights work?

elise325January 20, 2013

Hi all,
I've read most if not all of the LED in the kitchen posts and there is a lot of useful information. However, I am a complete lighting/renovation newbie and we also have extra low ceilings, so I wanted to post my initial plan and get some feedback.

Right now, there is one chandelier and one 5 inch square light for a 14'6"x21'7" kitchen. We have 2 different ceiling heights and there is an unfinished, barely insulated attic over the kitchen.

The main work area is 9'1" x14'6" and there is a 3 foot window in this area over the sink. The ceiling is 6'7" tall.

So it sounds like I need 4620 lumens for this area. There will also be under counter lights and range hood light on 2 walls.

So if I'm calculating correctly, that's 10 4inch glimpse units or 6 5inch glimpse units. Can you tell me if one is recommended over the other for this situation?

Then the eating area has a 7'1" ceiling, with one 4'x31" window and another 3'x5'tall window, there is also a window in the back door. It currently only has a small chandelier over the table area.

My calculations are for 6370 lumens in this area, which means 14 4inch or 8 to 9 5inch glimpse units. Again, is one size preferred over the other?

This area will also serve as a play area for my toddler, and we will likely put in a chandelier over the table.

Thanks so much for your help on this.


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The Glimpse lights (or the newer, better IMO Cree-built HD Commercial Electric flat LED lights) are primarily for people who already have electrical boxes in their ceilings that were originally put there for surface-mounted ceiling lamps, chandeliers, or pendants, and want to replace them with LEDs that look like recessed can lights without ripping out the electrical box and putting a standard recessed-lamp housing can there. In your situations, since you don't have many such electrical boxes, and have an accessible attic above, I'd just go with standard recessed cans, either 4" or 6" (I prefer the latter) and use Cree CR4 or CR6 LED module lights (aka Ecosmart ECO4-575L (4") and ECO-575L or ECO-800L sold at Home Depot). The result will look much like traditional reflector bulbs in recessed lamps, but use far less power. Those put out 575 or 800 lumens each, so get as many as you need for the brightness level you want.

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