Open floor plan - can I mix color temp?

nellie79January 17, 2014

I have an open floor plan where the kitchen, breakfast nook and family room are all one big space. I am in the process of replacing the existing recessed lights with Cree CR6 LEDs.

I am debating between the 2700k and 3000K version, and wondering if it would be ok if I put the 3000K in the kitchen area, and put the 2700K in the dining/family room area.

Is that a no-no? Any other suggestions welcome.

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It is your home so you should do what you like. Personally, I'd put 5000K everywhere.

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Both are considered a "warm white" and truth be told, I'm not sure that you would notice a significant difference between the two. Wondering why you are planning on mixing the two different temperatures though rather than just sticking with one, though.

If you are going to mix them, I'd suggest getting the two and putting them in to see if the difference bothers you.

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I see, I didn't realize there was not enough difference between these 2. What about using 2700k in living vs 3000k in the kitchen?

Basically I am curious to know it's ok to blend the different temps in what is essentially one room. I think in my white kitchen I would prefer a whiter temp but not in the living area.

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We have a similar situation with our kitchen/great room. Kitchen portion is a combination of 4100K fluorescent, slowly being replaced by 5000K LED. The great room portion has a bunch of incandescent BR40s in sloped ceiling cans, and some 3000K MR16 accent lights on the walls. When I replace the BR40s with LED versions, I am definitely going to use 3000K. (E.g., with something like the TCP LED12BR40D30K.)

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