Kitchen Lighting - How Much

dougald_gwJanuary 28, 2012

Am in the final stages of setting a contract for renovating the kitchen and the question of lighting is not quite settled. The kitchen is 16 foot square with cabinets along two walls in an L shape and a big island. My plan is to use CR6's (on about 6 foot sentres) along the two walls where there are no cabinets and to use CR4's (on approximately 4 foot centres) over the edges of the counter.

Now for the questions ... there will be a 4 foot aisle between cabinets and island - do I need additional CR6's in this aisle even if I have CR4's over the countertops and pendants on the island? Also, between LED pucks, LED strips and slim flourescents, what is the best choice for undercoabinet lighting? Since the existing kitchen will be gutted, whatever is decided can be easily wired.

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I used ~ 35 lumens per sq ft to figure out the number of lights necessary. The lights may have to be more closely spaced.

If you intend to dim the lights (including the UCL), that will rule out fluorescent UCL.

Take a look at the LED UCL continuation thread. There are direct wire and low voltage options.

Direct wire LED strips would probably be a better solution if the total length > 20 ft.

Here is a link that might be useful: LED UCL continuation

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David ... is the oft quoted 35 lumens per sq ft just for general lighting or does it include the undercabinet task lighting as well? I assume the island pendants get included ...

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It's a personal preference. You could look at the lighting as being "layered". For example - one set of lights for accent/ decorative lighting, another for general and a third for task lighting. All the different groups can be used simultaneously for max lighting or depending on the mood.

If there are situations where you will only use the recessed lighting, you might want to calculate the number of cans without taking into account the output from the pendants or UCL.

I would suggest that leaving the UCL out of the equation since there will be times when the UCL is not used and others where the UCL alone is used.

If you have dimmers, the max output is reduced by 5%.

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