New meat product -what to make?

ruthanna_gwJuly 21, 2012

Here in eastern PA, land of Philly cheesesteaks, we can buy thinly sliced (about 1/8 inch) beef rib eye to use for them. I often slice the pile of meat into crosswise strips for stir fries or marinate and put on skewers for grilling (pic on current WFD thread). This is not the flaked and formed frozen Steak-Um beef in grocery stores.

Now my favorite butcher is offering Pork ChipSteak, which is pork loin sliced just as thin as the beef. I bought 3/4 lb. of it and was going to fry it with some chopped shallots and mushrooms and add a bourbon sauce.

Now I am thinking that there should be lots of possibilities for new recipes with this beautiful pile of lean shaved pork. What would you make with it?

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Could you use it for porchetta sandwiches? Perhaps a quick version rather than the slow roasted pork version.

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Quick tacos or frajitas comes to mind!

Lucky you - sounds like a great product.


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I think I might flour it, egg it and crumb it and deep fry....slap that baby (or2 of those babies) on a bun piled with lettuce, onion, tomato and serve with a pickle on the side!.....there-by negating all the leanness of the meat!

Or cut in stripe as for the cheese steak beef, marinate in sherry with grated fresh ginger and garlic, stir fry with a bunch of sliced mushrooms and serve over rice.

Or do it like a cheese steak and add BBQ sauce just before you put it on your bun....with the caramelized onions and provolone.
Linda c

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You can always get paper thin sliced beef, pork, chicken, lamb in a Korean store and Asain stores.

Google Korean recipes, I am sure there are many.


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I'd make my own version of US 31 barbqeque, quickly cook the pork with some salt and pepper and pile it on a bun with homemade sweet relish. Yum.


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Someone here, maybe FOAS?, recently mentioned that they purchased a slicing machine. I've been toying with the idea of getting one of those for years. This posting
makes me all the more serious about getting one.
Anyone have a good make/model?

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Thanks for all the good ideas. It's actually thinner than 1/8" so can't make a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich and it doesn't have any visible fat like porchetta. I'd sure love to have a slice of porchetta tonight.

Dcarch, It is an ideal cut for bulgogi and I have a good recipe for a marinade I'll make tonight and marinate tomorrow.

If it's good, I'll probably be buying it again.

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Pork satay on skewers with peanut sauce?

Pork carne asada burritos with pica de gallo, lots of cilantro and salsa?

Pork "birds" like veal birds or German pork rolladen?

Quick cooked for Cuban sandwiches with ham, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles?

Marinated and flat grilled with broccoli rabe and garlic then piled on a toasted sub?

It's not fair that your part of the country has so many choices in meats - as compared to the South! Not fair!

Teresa ;o)

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From the title I was expecting this to be some tofu, soybean, or other meatless product!

Lots of things. Sounds like a great omelet ingredient. Quick cooked (or slow) and mixed with salsa or just a touch of BBQ sauce with or without slaw. Sounds like a good lasagna layer or other pasta. Add to a salad or just pile it, lightly seasoned on a good bun and enjoy the flavor by itself.

That's just off the top of my head.

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We ended up being away from home on Saturday evening and most of Sunday so I just saut�ed the pork for sandwiches. It was sliced so thinly that you could literally see through the slices so it only took a couple of minutes and stayed tender and juicy. Sandwiches had horseradish-buttermilk dressing on the bread, chard cooked with lots of garlic and a small amount of piave cheese.

Thanks againfor the inspiration.

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Looks good, Ruthanna! While you can certainly come up with uses, I'd have to think there's a specific intended use. Did you buy it at a store where there's a live butcher? If so, please ask and let us know - I'm curious!

(lbpod - Wasn't me. Once every other blue moon I wish I had an electric slicer, but I'm the kind of idiot that would end up going totally overkill and spend a million bucks on a commercial unit for which I have neither space nor justifiable use.)

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FOAS, I was back at the same butcher's last week and asked what their intention was for the pork chipped steak. As I suspected, it was requested by customers who are cutting back on red meat as a lighter alternative to the beef chipped steak for steak sandwiches.

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You could make your own tuna carpaccio. Yum!

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I bought a meat slicer recently (Waring), but I have some reservations about it. I like the powerful motor (130 watts as opposed to 100 watts for others), and I do find it easy to clean. My one complaint about it is that it is difficult to change the thickness of the slice. It uses a lever instead of a dial, and so it is difficult to make very small changes. Once it is set, however, it works fine, although it is not nearly as fast as a commercial model. It works really great on hard bread to get thin slices for Melba Toast, and of course it goes through bread very quickly. I've used it to make thin slices of onions also, but it would work on most vegetables, although I use a mandoline for small ones like carrots and celery.

I have not sliced raw meat on it, but I understand that the meat has to be at least partially frozen.

I would use the thinly sliced pork to make either Mongolian barbeque or else put it in Japanese Udon noodle soup. There is a Japanese noodle house here that will bring you an extremely hot bowl of soup, and then you (or they) add the very thin pork to the soup, and it cooks instantly. Another Japanese restaurant has a hibachi grill in the table (like the Korean restaurants), and you grill your own meat on it.


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I also have a home meat slicer, I'll have to go into the basement to see what brand it is. I'm not really excited, it's hard to clean but works well otherwise, although it doesn't make slices as thinly as I'd like.

I can slice raw meat on it, though, but partially frozen works better. I slice freshly smoked bacon on it regularly and it works OK, but it's better if the bacon is pretty cold and more solid.


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Beef stroganoff comes to mind. Dunno why, but it does!

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I meant to say, just stroganoff. Man, I'm tired!


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Cuban sandwiches. Mix mayo and mustard and spread over both sides of bun, add some sliced pickles, pork, ham and havarti cheese then cook panini style. So good.

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