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mountaineergirlJanuary 28, 2011

After looking/dreaming of UCL for literally months, my DH says go ahead and order.(woohoo!) We want LED, but don't have an unlimited budget. So, what I need to know is this - are the rigid light bars at environmnental the same as the ones from superbrightleds??? they certainly look the same, the color temp is the same (one says 4000K, the other 3700-4300) but there is roughly a 20% difference in lumens. superbrightleds are $40 for a 24" where environmental is $70. Do I really need to spend nearly twice as much for 20% more lumens??

Also, environmental has a larger selection of accessories. They have a 4" jumper to go under the "bridge" of the cabs, and superbright's smallest jumper is almost 10" !! So my question is - can I order the lights/power supply etc thru superbrightleds and some accessories from environmental? they look exactly the same. I will order a power supply thru the same place as the lights to avoid problems with compatibility but do lights at both websites use the same 3-prong connectors?

thanks so much for your help!

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OK never mind. Just got off the phone with environmental and we are working out a deal! their customer service is terrific! I'm so glad to be able to get everything from one place, and have someone who will walk me thru it. so, problem solved :)

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We are about to embark on the UCL journey... I have spent the last couple of hours reading the ucl diy post and going over the specs from photonier, superbrightleds and environmental.

Are you getting everything from Environmental? Transformers, leds and accessories?

Superbrightleds prices are practically 50% less than Environmental and both are around 240 lumens/ft so they seem to be the same product.

If you don't mind, could you tell us what kind of discount Environmental gave? I would really rather deal with the most helpful, well informed company I can. Price isn't always everything.


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I got almost everything from environmental lights then as I did not know of alternate sources. Only the dimmer switch and the low voltage wiring were not.

FWIW, environmental lights did ship me a replacement bar ~ 1 month after install when it had sporadic issues - not all the lights came on at times.

Would I go back to environmental lights again? Don't know.

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sandn - You are so right about a helpful, well-informed company being more important than price (well - most of the time). Environmentallights are VERY helpful and knowledgeable.
I am glad I ended up going with them. They were my first choice, but kept getting hung up on the lights being sooooo much cheaper at superbrightleds. and yes I do think they are the same exact lights.

environmental gave their "older series" lights to me for the same price as superbrightleds. There accessories (power supplies) were a little more also, but I didn't care to pay slightly more for those if they discounted the lights so much. Because the customer service is worth something. The only problem (not really a problem tho) is that they are out of the 12" bars, so I will connect 2 6" bars everywhere I needed a 12"

If they truly want to get rid of their "older series" lights, (which BTW they said they sold many many of these and customers were very satisfied) then you might ask for a discount. Yes, I would've liked to have afforded the brighter lights, but not for that price! I suspect in a year or so, those will be half the price :( but I'm not patient enough to wait.

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Got my lights yesterday woohoo! they were stuck in IL for nearly a week due to the storm :( anyhow, we put up one section and tried it out with the dimmer and all - awesome! I kind of wished I'd chosen the warm white rather than the neutral white, but my husband likes these really well so its ok. The dimmer is really nice for $18 - a no-brainer. I can't wait to get the rest installed. I have to wait for one part for install as we didn't get one of the power cords ordered. I may look for one at Radio Shack instead of waiting for it to get here from CA.

As soon as everything is installed I will post pics. Again - dealing with was a very good experience.

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