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ripleys_mumJanuary 31, 2012

I want to change out the chandelier in my kitchen eating area and am wondering if this (see link) would work. The French country table is 48" square and opens to 60" round. The table sits on a 8' square rug. The rug has about 1.5' of tile on 2 sides, abuts a bay window on one side and is open to the kitchen on the other side. Ceilings are 10' high.

The current chandelier is heavy looking and dated - wrought iron & a lot of dark wood with gold accents.

Any advice on the size/suitability of the chandler in the link would be much appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: Restoration Hardware Chandelier

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I will be watching this as we have to determine our kitchen lighting soon.

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What I have been told is half the width of your table, which would put yours at 24-30". High ceilings and the fact that this is a lighter and simpler fixture could let you go to the larger side, but that is too large. Think about it -- that's almost as wide as your table is when not open -- just 5 inches from either side. It is over-sized even if you have the table open. It would also be hanging less than a foot from the ceiling and with a fixture that is over 3-1/2 feet high, I think it will feel cramped there too. Sorry. I like the fixture, but you need it in a smaller size.

Have you measured the current fixture? You didn't say anything about the size being off, but even if it was, I'd want to make sure I knew what my starting point was. I cut a circle out of poster board to verify the size of the fixture I'm putting in our bedroom, but 38" will take two sheets.

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Hi lascatx,

You are, of course, correct. I just love the light, but i knew that fundamentally it was too big. I guess I was just hoping for one of those "sure go for it" responses. The current light is 30" wide and about as high, but it is big and heavy looking. I am on the hunt for a smaller fixture that is a bit more "airy." Thanks so much for your honest assessment!

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I'm still on the search for a new chandelier. As much as I want the chandelier mentioned in my original post - something light and airy; I know it won't work; and I thank the forum for the advice!

The room has 10' ceilings, 3 of the walls are very large windows, walls, are dark red, table is 48" square. I found this light fixture, which I like (although a bit pricey); any comments or advice are always appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: Possible Replacement?

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Ripleys Mum, try in the kitchen forum, since this is kitchen related. You will get a lot of response and those folks have a lot of chandelier info too.

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I am finally getting around to thanking everyone for their advice. Thank you!

I finally gave up on the Restoration Hardware chandelier. RH prices change so frequently and the $295 shipping seemed a little high to me. Williams Sonoma had a great chandelier, but again based on the advice it also was too big and at the top of my budget.

Googling around I found the very similar chandelier at Pottery Barn, under budget and sized correctly. It looks great! Now I need to find some nice pendants for the island.

Many thanks for the advice. I could not have chosen without the advice from all of you.

cheers y'all

Here is a link that might be useful: What I wanted

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