Auto soak without wash cycle HE3T

lohneslinkSeptember 8, 2010

When I follow the directions on page 15 of the user manual for my HE3T (bought in 2001), they don't work. Directions read:

Auto Soak . . . . .

Without a Wash Cycle.

1. Add detergent only to Prewash compartment

2. Select DRAIN/SPIN or RINSE/SPIN first, then AUTO SOAK.

When I select AUTO SOAK, it turns off the RINSE/SPIN feature. Seems you cannot have BOTH features run in the same session.

I'm wanting to take a load that got soured, add ammonia to it, let it soak (or tumble) for a bit, then RINSE and SPIN. Anyone know how to do this?


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I too have a HE3T from 2001. I wil check my owners manual and get back with you on it. If the clothes can tolerate the heat, just wash them on your sanitary cylce and they will be fine

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Wow! 2 people have had their Whirlpool build he3's for almost a decade! Cool. Maybe it's not a fluke

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