Best cans for Cree LR6 LED lights

yokattaJanuary 25, 2010

I am building a home and the plan calls out for 220 recessed can lights. I plan to use the Cree LR6 LED lights in them so I have to use a 6" can. I have looked at the Halo H7ICT and the Lowes brand Utilitech UAT700I. The floor salesman at Lowes is an electrician and told me they are both made by Cooper Industries and are basically the same fixture. The Utilitech is 60 cents cheaper each ($132 total). Have also looked at Juno, but again more expensive. Is there really any difference?


Halo H7ICT

Utilitech UAT700I

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how big is your house w/220 recessed cans?

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I'm doing almost the entire house in recessed cans, that is why I need so many. I also have alot of exterior cans. Does anybody have any feedback on Halo vs Juno vs Utilitech?

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Sorry I can't compare, but we used the 6" Halo cans you mention in our kitchen and they have been great. Installing several more next week (but using the 5") in bathrooms.

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We used the 6"Juno cans for the interior and exterior of a house we are building right now. Our Master electrician pointed out that the Juno cans are much thicker and stronger than Lowe's or Home Depot brands that he would normally buy. We recommended Juno to him because we are going with Cree LED throughout.

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