FL without pedestals

angel411September 19, 2012


I have had the Samsung FL's for a few years. Now, we are trying to make our laundry room layout more efficient. I would like to take the machines off of their pedestals and put a counter top above them for folding (see pic below), and probably hang some upper cabinets. Has anyone gone from pedestals to no pedestals? Will I hate having to bend that low? Anyone BTDT?

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its a personal thing. dont worry what others say. even my short wife likes the pedestals. I'm tall, so of course I NEED the pedestals. go with what YOU want.

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I have two FL sets. One on pedestals, none on the other. While I like the height to load and unload clothes using the pedestal set, I prefer to fold on the non-pedestal set. I think in the end, I would go for the extra counter space. It seems no matter how much you counter space you have, it isn't enough.

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I agree, aamassther. That's why I've decided to just go for it. Thank you for weighing in with your experience!

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Angel411 - just finished remodeling, and I've got FL's / no pedestals - with countertop. And I absolutely love having the countertop. Door openings on my Electrolux w/d are such that loading and unloading the units is not a hassle or annoyance for me [I'm 5'6" and 63 yrs old, no 'spring chicken'...] - And the countertop space is priceless. Just my thoughts here...

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