eco4-575l-gu24 out of stock?

Tekn0eJanuary 21, 2013

So, I live in the lovely state of California where we have all these rules and regulations to follow. I've been updating my lighting in various rooms and have used 4" recessed lighting.

I started using the Cree/Ecosmart LED lights; they are are wonderful! Becoming a big fan of them, I decided to add 4 more cans. To my chagrin, Home Depot has been out of stock of them for over a month now. Does anyone know a place where I can some of these lights?

By the way, I learned the hard way... installing a GU24 regular light bulb in a recessed can (with a trim) is a pain in the butt! It is so hard to align the bi-pins while looking up at a housing. I miss the old Edison socket where I can close my eyes and still install it. Anyone have any tips?

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The legislators have help to do all the installations for them...

Push lightly against it and rotate until you feel the pins going into the the holders.

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Thanks for the tip David. I just wished HD still carry them because it is almost $10 cheaper. I guess I have no other choice than

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Did you try other HDs? Sometimes the HD in the next county has them in stock. They also have an online stock checker.

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Check out ebay. In addition to the lights themselves, you can also find Edison->GU24 adapters for a couple bucks each. With the adapters, you can then use the regular Edison versions.

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Use of adapters to allow Edison base lights to attach to a GU24 socket is illegal in California. I'm pretty sure that said adapters are illegal in CA, whether installed or not. I know when I handed a couple of them to my general contractor, I told him not to let the inspector see them. I didn't have any GU24 bulbs for him to check his wiring before the sheet rock went up.

The original poster has to meet CA Title 24, which also has wording that explicitly prohibits use of the type of adapters that screw into an Edison socket and convert it to a GU24 socket. So you cannot buy an Edison can, screw in an adapter to GU24, and then use a GU24 light, if it is somewhere like in the kitchen.

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I live in California as well, and went through the whole Title 24 business a few years ago.

It sounded like the original post was for cans that would not be inspected for Title 24 compliance. So it really wouldn't matter which connector is being used. One can certainly use Edison style sockets in other rooms. Even in the kitchen - given that the primary lighting load is using energy efficient lights. (E.g., in my house we used recessed cans with remotely ballasted CFLs.)

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Make sure you shop around for them online. There are many sources offering the same product for less than PolarRay.

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