4" ic vs 6" led vs 4" led

chris401January 19, 2013

Hi all,

I'm very new to lighting, but recently ran across an item where we could presumably save some money. The architect spec'd 150 4" incandesent recessed lights for the new house we are building. Not sure if that's a lot, and wasn't really paying attention to it until a contractor said if we switched those to 6" LEDs. He said that would be significantly cheaper ($50/can savings). But presumably the architect spec'd the 4" because the size is smaller and looks nicer. To which I wonder, perhaps I should see if there are 4" LEDs.

Apologies in advance for what i might have learned with more effort. I started to read the threads on the first few pages, but I got lost in the acronyms and could not find an easy to understand pro/con list. If you can point me to a source, my thanks and apologies. Or if you don't mind replying many thanks in advance.

Have a great day

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Yes there are 4" LED can lights - CR4 (for example).

The following thread has more information

Here is a link that might be useful: Recessed light guide

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Ok, I did some more research and went to a lighting store. They had Sylvania RT4 and it looked good. I think I prefer the 3000k color temp over the 2700k color temp.

Can anyone point me to a comparison between Sylvania RT4 and the Cree CR4? I read the lengthy "Design Guide for Kitchen" thread and other threads, and it appears that everyone favors the Cree. But why is it better than the Sylvania? I know I like the look--on and off--of the Sylvania. How does Cree CR4 look in comparison?

Thanks in advance

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Better dimming, quicker response when turned on.

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I didn't bring home a 4" Sylvania, but I can provide a comparison to the RT6.

I, too, prefer the 3000k color over the Ecosmart/CREE 2700k color.

Both dim well down to very low levels, using cheap incandescent dimmers.

The RT6 has a short turn-on delay, in the range of 1/2 second. No deal breaker, but not as instant as the CREE.

I ended up going with the cheaper 6" Ecosmart (I do think 4" looks better). Partly for the cost, and partly for the instant on, and partly because I can get brighter 6" LEDs in the areas I need (island, sink), and use the cheaper 575 lumen ones elsewhere.

Since I have to meet California Title 24 for the kitchen, part of the higher cost was that Sylvania charges $8 for an adapter (cost of manufacture ~ 12 cents) to go from their connector to a GU24 socket.

Either one is a good choice, in my opinion.

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Thanks for the responses. I will see if I can find a CREE CR4 in person to compare the appearance. Pictures on the web make it look similar/same as the Sylvania RT4. If they look the same on the outside, then I guess my debate will come down to white color temp (3000k RT4) vs better response time and better dimming (CR4). There does not seem to be a big cost difference according to internet pricing.

Sorry to hear about the additional California requirement. I don't think we have that here. I'm all about being green, but it often seems that it is an excuse to charge a price premium that isn't ultimately reflected in the energy savings unless it is factored over a very, very long time.

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