OT: combination microwave/convection ovens?

melissastarJanuary 10, 2012

Anyone got first-hand knowledge on these? Are they any good?

I love the idea of combining the microwave with a second oven, smaller than the wide, but oddly short one in my 36" capital range. I've heard great things about the Breville smart ovens, but would also prefer not to have it countertop and the only other place I could put a second oven is in the undercounter space where the micro now resides. My family and I use the micro too often to give it up entirely, so I've been contemplating whether a combination micro/convection could do the trick, but am concerned that they might turn out to better in theory than in practice.

Would appreciate any info....

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Hi Melissa: I had a microwave/convection in my previous kitchen. Absolutely loved it. It was a perfect second oven. Functioned very well, and anything that would fit in the micro/conv oven was baked there. Meats, pies, breads... really just everything. The only thing I baked in the big oven was the turkeys of course, and things on a cookie sheet or extra large baking dishes. I had two different brands. First one was an Amana. The electronics on it went out after about 7 yrs of so. Second was a Kenmore. It was identical, just had the Kenmore label. I did get the warranty with the Kenmore and used it twice to have the "board" replaced. Seems that must be a common problem. I believe I paid around $400 for each of them.

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Just keep in mind that when it's being used as a second oven it is not available as a MW (and vice versa).

In your case, since it's either one oven + MW or one oven + MW/Convection, I think the combination would be useful. You might consider buying a small MW to use when the MW/Convection is being used as an oven. Install/store it in a pantry or basement and just use it when needed.

As to under-counter. How is it working to have the MW under-counter right now? If it's working fine for you, then I don't think you'll be disappointed with the smart oven also in that location - one big "however" - can it be installed in an enclosed space the size of your MW alcove? Check its specs before you buy it to be sure it can actually be placed where you want it.

Also, since these types of ovens usually get hot on the outside, be sure you can install it far enough inside so no part of it sticks out from the alcove to burn someone if they accidentally brush it with a leg or knee while at the counter.

OK, the more I think about it, the less enamored I am with the idea...I wonder if it might be too dangerous and/or cause damage to the surrounding cabinetry due to heat...

Do you know how hot it gets on the outside? I know our toaster oven gets quite hot.

Perhaps someone who has "installed" it this way will chime in with real-life experience...

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Thanks Joyce for the info. That sounds promising.

Buehl...good points. I had vaguely thought about them, but not yet investigated enough to know the answer. The space for the microwave (and yes, it works fine for me now, under counter) is quite large...about 16" high, 38" wide and standard counter depth. So I'm hopeful that it would have enough air space around it. I wonder if an alternative might be to install insulation around it and trim out the opening to hide it?

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My mother-in-law has the Kitchen Aid MW/convection double oven combo and it works great. The MW section is shorter in height but it works for her. She does the meat in the bigger oven and cooks veggies or re-heats other items for the meal in the MW part.

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Melissastar - Sorry, I can't give info. on the performance but I am ordering Micro/convection as well (Sharp). I also like the option of second oven for smaller items. Reviews I have read said that there is a learning curve of sorts but that it is worth it. Most said to use the convection from the beginning so you don't "forget" it is there. Good luck.

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Hi Melissastar,

I don't know anything about single ovens that are both convection and microwave, but I do have experience with the double oven (one convection, with a microwave above). The problem with the double version is, as previously mentioned, they have a single control panel, which tends to last only 5 or so years. I think this is because of the heavy use the microwave gets, and I'm not sure if it is the same with the single combo oven. It is very expensive to replace, and the only option is to get a new oven - even more expensive. That could be a trade off you want to make is you are short of space, but just wanted to mention it.

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Agree with Joyce: I have had two Sharp convection microwaves over the past 20 years---they are great as a second oven---without heating up the huge cavern of a wall oven. I'm thinking of getting a speed oven this time around...what do y'all think?

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The sharp microwave convection has been my only oven during our remodel which has been oing on since 2010. I have been very impressed with its abilities. We use it as a microwave every day and as an oven 2-3 times a week.

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I have a GE Profile micro/convection oven. Primarily, it's a microwave for me, but I use the convection when I need an extra oven (I only have one wall mounted oven). Mine is built in above the wall oven. I think it's a great invention!

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