How important is a window in the laundry room?

jenswrensSeptember 18, 2010

Would you prefer a laundry room with a window to let in natural light or is a windowless room okay?

We are in the process of designing a new house, and I've always considered a window important in the laundry room (better aesthetically, better to illuminate hard-to-find stains, etc). The architect recently gave us a new revision in which he eliminated the window.

My last laundry room was in the basement with no windows, and I guess it was okay. My current house has a window. This new LR will be on the second floor.

What are your opinions? Window or not?

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Might a solatube be an option for natural light. I had one installed last year in a dark hall that houses the washer and dryer and I love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Solatube Google images

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It's just a matter of taste as it would serve no function. On a nice cool day it might be nice to have a breeze blowing in, but it doesn't affect the operation of your laundry machines.

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A window adds an entirely new environment to a separate laundry room. I would definitely add the window back-in.

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Definitely add the window back in if you have a choice. You (or someone) will be spending a lot of hours there. A window will make doing the laundry much more enjoyable, and the room will feel bigger.

While it's probably true that most laundry rooms don't have windows, that's not by design. Most people have to put their laundry wherever they can find room for it (basement, closet, garage, mudroom). If they had a chance to add a window without losing the farm, I'll bet that nearly all of them would.

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Actually, a window can add to the functionality of ones laundry machines: the dryer. Remember that a dryer takes in ambient air and vents it to the outside. Depending on where you live in the US, you can open the laundry room's window in the summer and close the LR's door. This way, the dryer still has plenty of air for drying yet, does not suck in air-conditioned air from other rooms and blow it to the outside.


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I have lived many places thanks to the Army and I have never had a window in my laundry room. Basement windows don't count IMHO.

That being said when we were doing the plans for our house, I was very specific about the Laundry Room. I think my builder thinks I am completely nuts! The last change was to add sq feet because I realized that my house had no broom closet. I was not going to give up my obsessively planned laundry space! And *of course* I have a nice window.

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My architect put in a window for the new laundry room that will be created by my remodel. Depending on what I decide to do with cabinets, etc., I may rather have the wall space than the window.

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Actually, a window can add to the functionality of ones laundry machines: the dryer. Remember that a dryer takes in ambient air and vents it to the outside...

whirlpool_trainee hit it right on the head. I added weather stripping to my laundry room door, and whenever running the dryer with either the heat or A/C on I open the window and close the laundry room door. This makes a huge difference in heating and cooling bills, which only makes sense. Just think: in the summer you are drawing in hot air, paying to cool it, then you pay for your dryer to heat it back up and blow it outside.

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We built our home 13 years ago and there are mistake I will correct, should I ever build another one. One of mistakes concerns the laundry room and it will definitely have a window.
If we stay in this home, I already have plans for my daughter's room, once she is grown and gone. It's going to become my new laundry/craft/storage with built in's room.

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Personally, I would prefer a window. It aids in ventilation, light, and ambiance. The machines can function with no window, but the room must be vented to expel heat and moisture. And, as mentioned above, it can assist in providing air flow when using heat or ac.

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If you have an opportunity to add a window, why not. Natural light and fresh air are always good qualities. My windowless laundry room is right off of the garage and it is the first room I enter when I come home. I feel like I'm walking into a closet. I wish I had a window. I ended up painting the room Hawthorne yellow and getting a nice striped rug from Dash & Albert so it seems a bit more sunny and cheerful...

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