Front loading Samsung OR Bosch?? Vibration?

kris680September 28, 2010

Was contemplating going with the new HE top loading (such as the Bravo), but the reviews on multiple sites frequently mentioning tangling & wrinkling issues. So, I'm now looking at front loading washer & dryer - either Samsung (500 or 400 series), or Bosch (probably 500 series as the 800 is quite pricey). The Samsung gets quite high ratings on Consumer Report (the 520 is #2 and the 448 is #3). The Bosch is much lower down on the report but I have to think that not as many people are commenting on it as fewer are buying b/c of the price point? The Bosch seems better made - simpler in design. A key issue for me is the vibration. These are on a 2nd floor so I need as low a vibration as possible. Would love to hear your experience and recommendations. Thanks!

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Suspended-floor installations for any machine can exhibit vibration issues not seen in slab installs. Just the nature of it. As often as not, they're fine but almost impossible to tell in advance whether will be OK or not for any particular site. Regardless of what machine you choose, strongly advise making arrangements with vendor in-advance so that you can switch machines without an argument just in case things don't work out for you.

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Sorry, should have clarified - new W/D will be replacing old ones in same location so anything will be an improvement. Just want to make sure I select a good product:). Samsung highlights their antivibration technology (along w their AquaStop), and has high Consumer Reports ratings but mixed reviews here. I like the looks/functionality of the Bosch but it has much lower Consumer Report ratings for some reason.

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"....anything will be an improvement...."

Wary of over-stating my concern but every machine is a little different. Only suggesting that you make the potential concern part of the deal. I'll bet you'll be fine. Agree Samsung has been quite pro-active about vibration control, but have no personal experience with Bosch or Samsung to offer. As far as I can tell, almost all the FL's have better suspension these days than a few years ago.

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I had the same concern when I had the opportunity to buy a WP Duet for a great price. I read tons of reviews, and the main negative and reason for return was excessive vibration. However, I became convinced that it was necessary to properly level the feet during install. And I believe that installers do not always take the time. Since I bought it at Costco, I knew we would make sure to install it correctly, and if it still still vibrated too much, I could always return it.

Well, during install when it came time to level those feet, I read the instruction manual to my husband and neighbor, and they immediately reacted, "No way! We don't want to do that!" The process for the Duet is much more tedious than with the old self-leveling legs. Plus our floor is not currently flat or even close to it. (It will be redone within this year.) But I insisted on doing exactly what WP said, which is to adjust each foot until the unit is perfectly level side-to-side and front-to-back, then lock each foot in place by turning a nut with a wrench. You really need 2 people, space around the machine, and patience. So I believe that many machines don't get properly leveled during install.

In any case, I think that patience paid off. I can feel a small amount of vibration during the highest spin with a large, bulky load; that's it. We're in a second-floor condo.

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