Need a new Washer - Miele seems to be out of the question

daryl_rSeptember 22, 2011

My washer of 10 years is failing and I need a new one. I've perused this forum from time to time and had my heart set on a Miele frontloader. Alas, Miele appears to sell only machines with the door hinge on the right, meaning that for convenience the washer has to be on the right with the dryer on the left. This is not going to work in my narrow, long laundry room that requires the washer to be on the left. If the door hinge is on the right, I won't be able to both open the door and get around it to put clothes into the dryer. I'm very disappointed, but I need to look at other manufacturers.

Any suggestions for non-Miele machines? At this point I'd be open to considering any brand and either top or frontloader (as long as the door hinge is on the left).

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Yes, it is best for the washer to be on the right with Miele, but I know several people with Mieles, and they put the washer on the left & dryer on the right. The dryers are now ventable in several directions.

I cannot recommend Miele enough. I tried Samsung, Electrolux and Frigidaire...and believe me, nothing compares to a Miele Wash machine. We have a Miele washer and dryer, 2 vacuums, 30" oven, Speed Oven, warming drawer, 36" Induction cooktop, Vent hood and a La Perla dishwasher. I LOVE them all, all my Miele appliances are just awesome.

While there are several other brands I would be happy with in terms of ovens, Induction Cooktops and vent hoods (Bosch, Thermador and Electrolux make great ovens and Induction cookers)...NOTHING is as good as Miele for Washers, Dryers and Dishwashers. Absolutely nothing!!!! :)

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Are you sure the machine's position won't work? The water supply lines can be easily lengthened, and sometimes the drain line as well. Electrical line, ditto. Don't give up prematurely.

I have more than one European FL all in a line in my laundry room, so some of them are served by various extension arrangements. It can often work.


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This is not going to work in my narrow, long laundry room that requires the washer to be on the left. If the door hinge is on the right, I won't be able to both open the door and get around it to put clothes into the dryer.A photograph of your situation would help us to help you as there are several Miele owners here. Our laundry room is setup the same way and although we switched sides the lines from the washer are more than ample to go to the left-side.

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If i was in the market for a Fl it would be a seriously hard choice for me to make. I know Miele washers use the heater in most of the cycles, to get a true warm or hot wash which I like that idea. Im not sure if Electrolux does this as well. The door on the lux is reversible too which is a good thing, as I too have my washer on the right of the dryer. Miele quality speaks for itself, but as others have admitted on this site, it does not spin as quiet as some of the domestic made models. When it was time to replace my FL, I went with a HE TL due to washer position, the price of the meile and lux plus pedistals made it out of my reach. Also, I do not like the small dryer opening on so many of the dryers nowadays. I got spoiled with my Kenmores large opening and I wash king size blankets and comforters a lot and I felt like they would snag on the dryer door when loading/unloading them.

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We have a Bosch washer and dryer and have liked them very much.

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daryl_r: "Any suggestions for non-Miele machines?"

When a company with virtually no history at all (and no legacy designs to amortize) in a specific product segment plunges into a new market, as the Korean industrial giants Samsung and Lucky Goldstar (LG) did with laundry appliances a few years back, the company generally will pick an existing player in the market as a template, and work off that template.

That is what Samsung did with Miele. To the extent that international patents would allow, Samsung copied Miele laundry appliances. Does that mean that a Samsung is as good as a Miele? Well, Miele has a reservoir of past successes and know-how and trade secrets, and Samsung could not copy that. But the Miele honeycomb drum became the Samsung diamond drum, the water-saving techniques of Miele were mimicked for the water-saving techniques of the Samsung washers, and so on down the line.

We replaced our still-working 1995 Frigidaire (Electrolux) Galaxy washer earlier this year with a (discontinued, close-out) 2010 model Samsung washer, and -- four months later -- there is no question that, as to energy efficiency AND how clean our laundry gets, our move was a major upgrade. The (apparent) weakness of the Samsungs is logic board failures, which may be (or, possibly, may not be) due to insufficient robustness against overvoltage conditions in the line feed; we addressed that issue with a Tripp-Lite ULTRABLOK428 surge/spike protector on the mains outlet that the Samsung washer is plugged into and -- so far -- have seen no problems.

Here is a link that might be useful: One source for a surge/spike protector

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Samsung's vague, "dumbed-down" wash temperatures disqualify them as a Miele alternative, IMO.

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I personally am not fond of the Whirlpool appliances of today, nor Maytag since Whirlpool bought them out. I hear and read of too many complaints on all their appliances. I have a kitchenaid Dishwasher, that has been nothing but a piece of SXXT since it came into my house. Less than 5 years old and the recirculating pumps keep going out. As far as washers go, the maytag brovos 850 series seems to be a good one and where they spent the reaseach and money on. I wouldnt take a cabrio and if it was given to me free. Just my opinion here. Sometimes companys get too big, and in return, quality suffers. I kow this from working in the manufacturing business. As my company that I work for is all to happy to tell us at each and every meeting, it is about the stock holders, not us. GO figure

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