60 watt bulbs in a ceiling fan rated for 40 watt

mashmasherJanuary 1, 2010

I have a ceiling fan that is pretty new and the 40 watt bulbs don't provide enough light for the room, how bad is it to swap the lights with 60 watt bulbs? What about the light difference between the white bulbs with clear bulbs?

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I sure wouldn't do it. A larger bulb will overheat the fixture wiring causing the insulation to become brittle. Could lead to a short and fire. You could try a spiral fluorescent bulb for more light. A "100 watt equivilent" cfl uses about 23 watts, just be aware of their larger phyical size may not fit in the fixture.

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Using another type of lamp is not always a good idea because the rating limit is intended to prevent excessive heat build up and a "retrofit" CFL with an integral ballast in the base can overheat in an enclosure. If you remove the enclosure you might be able to use 50w. PAR 20 halogen lamps.

In general, I recommend using another location for lighting because such lights usually shine in your eyes especially if they are not frosted.

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