Clustering swag lamps- how to deal with multiple cords?

danielahiJanuary 29, 2011

Hi there!

I have 3 identical swag lamps that I would like to hang at varying lengths, as a cluster. They have a bamboo "cage" around an off-white canvas cylinder.

In any case. How does one hang multiple swag lamps together and accommodate all those cords and switches? I'm sure I would need one hook above each lamp, but then how do I deal with the rest of the cord- do I bunch them together before running them down to a power strip and just turn them all on individually? It just seems like no matter what, it is going to look tacky with all those cords running on the wall.

How do people do this? I know I've seen it done before...

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Maybe some cable wrap or split loom would help.

This is not an endorsement of or recommendation for that particular vendor. I've never used them. That's just what came up when I searched for "wire loom."

If you're looking for something to encase the wires going down a wall, you might try this:

I've used that stuff to cover and route speaker wires.

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Thanks for the recommendations- the third one may work!

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You can also make a box that holds as many receptacles as needed with a cord to plug in and a switch to turn the lights on.

A metal box should be used, but you can the hide the metal under wood to make it less conspicuous.

Switches available include push buttons (some can control multiple lights with multiple pushes of the same button) or a separate button for each light and another to turn them all on at once.

You are pretty much limited only by your knowledge of how to wire them up and how much time & money you want to invest.

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If you are talking about down a wall, bring them together then cover with a hallow molding, paint or stain same as the wall for a nice neat, clean look..
this is one dh did in our media room corner, if you can bring to a corner all the better..we have a cabinet below so they are not seen at all, he used cove molding here, glue in place.

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