Help choose LED cans for new build... prices?

Momto3kiddosJanuary 5, 2013

We are building a new home on the family farm and we are leaning towards LED can lights. I have read lots of great things about the Cree CR6. My electrician has not installed LED's before so I was wondering what the most economical way to install is... standard 6" cans with Cree CR6bulbs, Cree housings, Edison base cans and Edison Cree lamps? What dimmers do you recommend for these lights?

Are there good LED products out there for outdoor flood light use? I am thinking of all the places I do not want to change a light bulb for 10-20 yrs. :)

What type of dimmable UCL do you rec for kitchen?

I know that Maryland has a subsidy for LED lights at time of purchase. Is it worth it to drive up there to get some if we are having a large number of lights? The house is 5000 sq ft and we are planning around 80 recessed cans. When I add them up it seems unrealistic, but we want 4 cans in each BR along with central fixture. Cans lighting hallways and kitchen-living area, mudroom, office, laundry.

Any other advice gladly taken! Thanks in advance for your help!

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Cree housings could be slightly more costly than cans from HD/ Lowes.

Lutron CL dimmers.

Direct wire UCL - Philips eW.

For outdoor flood lighting, get some ideas from

The DIY UCL Continuation thread and LED recessed lighting guide on this forum contain more information.

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I'm in Maryland, and I'm not aware of a current residential subsidy for the CR6 units. Before January 1, they were showing as little as $20 from Home Depot in New Jersey, but they appear to be back to $35 up there now. They are still showing $20 in store 6228, Bloomfield CT and elsewhere in CT. I am seeing $25 in Portland, OR, and in the Pittsburgh area, and $30 in Virginia Beach.

Oddly, the 5000K version of the CR6 is not being rebated, and is $37 everywhere. I'd really like a 3500K version without paying the premium for the LR6.

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